Like many others I have been a regular customer of Wal-Mart. That ends today.

I tried to return a product. Don't try this, in their defense, oops more than 15 days, & seal on box broken (that way when purchased). Their policy is etched in stone, no exceptions.

Not one but 3 assistant managers (one of whom,Joanne, has the personality to remain in the back room) would make an exception. The store is in Cooper City Fla.

My new policy is to NOT SHOP AT WAL-MART.

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This person either has a low IQ or is 13 year old to not understand the policy after not, one not two but three people tell her the policy. Then they expect them to bend the rules just for them, yeah this person is 13 all right.


Their policy is spelled out - and you are mad? Really?

They tell you what you can expect...and you get mad? You should be mad at companies that don't tell you and you don't know...but they tell you what to expect and you are mad. Wow...the nerve of some people these days.

No wonder our society has the problems it does.

to really #871368

Yeah... It is like people are brain dead or something...

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