Wilmington, North Carolina

just visited the walmart inmonkey junction wimnington nc i had returns they had to scan them at the door 10 49 am sunday july 3 the lady said the other girl told her the scan gun a 360 didnt work well. so after 3 scans the gun messed up.

I had 23 items. She had to write on a piece of paper for each item i could not just walk to the returns.I had the receipt items high lighted to help. what a way to run a company. some body should have just walked me to returns.

very bad way of doing things. If the gun didnt work why was she given it I may not return i felt bad for the girl

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@wtf: I feel bad that you don't know how to write a sentence either.


You had 23 items to return??? I have had 2 returns in the last 10 years.

You need to stop buying and returning so many things.

People like you are exactly the reason return policies have become so strict. FIND ANOTHER HOBBY!


I feel bad for u, u don't know how to form a sentence