Palm Harbor, Florida
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I purchased the same shoes to wear to the dog park for years. Walmart at Tarpon Springs return department would not take back 10 day old shoes that fell apart. If the bottoms become unlaminated in such a short time is that not defective enough for a return? how will they know to change the factory process ?

Just rude *** people for you to deal with at the Tarpon Springs store. I have never been treated like this in any other Walmart, so it must be a management policy of disregarding the "satisfaction or money back" advertising on the wall.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Telling you no is not the same as bring rude. I don't know why you have posted this twice, but telling the same lie twice is not going to make us believe you anymore.

I have worked for retail, at another chain, and we get customers like you who pull this all the time. They buy new shoes, try to return older warn out ones claiming those were the shoes they just bought recently.

That sign behind the wall is for honest customers, not ones trying to scam the company. You just mistook that sign as being allowed to scam the company, just like you mistook being told no as rudeness.