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Update by user Oct 22, 2016

Walmart will not respond to the issue and as far as us xpress the same so this issue will not be resolved I don't have money for an attorney and its been over three years.I just lost my business and life for nothing..

Update by user Sep 23, 2016

Contracted with us xpress to haul for walmart and was accused of larceny of diesel fuel at the Walmart distribution facility was arrested and indicted in 2014.March 2016 charges were dropped in the process I incurred a loss of 300k and lost my home and business..The police report was falsified and lack of evidence that a crime was commited and I found out that us xpress reimbursed Walmart for alledged crime which is extortion I would think.

Original review posted by user Sep 22, 2016

In 2013 i was arrested on false charges it took me until march 2016 to get the charges dropped i have posted about this on many consumer sites as well as contacted walmart corporate about the injustice.I never got a trial due to lack of evidence and us xpress paying walmart off for the alledged crime..I lost my home and buisness due to the incompitence of the company and the lack of concern they have for a mans life.

Reason of review: falsely arrested.

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Sad part is people say walmart would have no reason to lie or they would have done research before pressing charges...Well I'm here to say they did research and charge me only problem is they didn't expect me to take it to trial and uncover the truth about the evidence presented and the fact they used me to get money out of another company..


If you don't want a criminal record don't shoplift!!


I didn't have to steal anything to get a criminal record from Walmart but some people are so pro walmart they think everyone who is charged is guilty of theft.