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Im a truck driver, been parking ar the walmart store in san antonio,tx for over 5yrs. just for 10 hrs.

While there i restock my trk, so i spend anywhere from $100.00/ $150.00 just for my trk, that's not saying what i spend when im home and stock my house. Well the last 2 times ive been there this *** *** mf comes pounding on my door telling me i gave to leave, have no hrs.

and told him i cant move my trk. so he tells me *** call for a wrecker, he dont want to the fine for me to b in violation but yet he wants me to move my truck there's a sign that somebody put up that was not there that says no extended parking for trucks and RV but yet he don't has the RV's to leave he tells the truck drivers to move I will not spend my money in that store again

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