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The managers that does the scheduling knows that every Friday they have a lot of customers trying to cash their checks. I am sick and tired of them having one cashier or two of their slowest cashier.

After standing in line for an hour to cash your check, you still have to stand in line another hr after shopping. Horrible service

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I have spoken with the manager of the store and they do not have enough employees to cover the shifts. And they are always hiring and hopefully they will hire enough employees to cover the shifts better.

to Kpeoples38 #1249927

They lied to you to get rid of you. Nothing will change with the amount of employees scheduled.


Lol I think it's hilarious that people will gladly throw it in your face that they pay a retail store's employee's wages yet at the same time complain they don't have enough workers. SPEND MORE *** MONEY THEN!

to Anonymous #1249922

I think it's hilarious that people will gladly give advice when they have no clue what they are rambling on about!!! Walmart has already announced their 2016 gross PROFIT and it is 121.15 BILLION!

I highly doubt spending more money in their godforsaken stores is going to be answer to having an adequate number of staff! Every year, for years now, Walmart has admitted the number one complaint from consumers is not enough registers open, and every year they vow to open more registers and every year they reneg on that promise!

to Anonymous #1250197

Sooo...your argument is that each and every one of the 1000s of stores that they have throughout the entire world have access to exactly 121.15 BILLION! dollars of salary to pay it's employees? That's an interesting idea and I'd truly like to hear more about it.

to Anonymous #1250201

Please do me a favor. Please find a competent adult to read the postings here and explain them to you.

It will save you some major embarrassment and prevent you from looking like a F 'ing jackazz again! I'm not wasting another breath on a poorly educated deadbeat such as yourself!

You are a lost cause. Go do your own research or at least get that competent adult I mentioned to assist you.

to Anonymous #1251134

Go ahead big boy 'adult' explain to us your BRILLIANT business plan Donald.

to Anonymous #1251838 your argument is no argument? Just trash talk? You'd think that people would have realized in this day and age that trash talking doesn't make the person that you are so elegantly bashing look bad.

Whitewater, Wisconsin, United States #1249510

Why didn't you cash your check at the same time you checked out with your groceries?

to Anonymous #1249910

That would have been rude to hold up the line in the Money Center with a. While other customer waits cart full of groceries. Mind you I did say one cashier or 2 of their slowest cashiers are always in the Money Center.

to Anonymous Hanau Am Main, Hesse, Germany #1249917

Because numbnuts, the Money Center will not ring up items. They provide "money-related"services only, hence their freakin' name! And the regular cashiers checking groceries cannot perform financial transactions.

to Anonymous Whitewater, Wisconsin, United States #1250025

Uhm yes you can, people cash checks at the register all the time! I was line behind someone doing just that the other day!

to Anonymous Elk Grove Village, Illinois, United States #1250171

Great except you just made that up!

Muncie, Indiana, United States #1249263

If only there were places designed specifically for you to deposit your money in. And it would be even nicer if there was a way where employers could deposit your wages electronically.

It would be really convenient because you'd never have to wait in line to cash your paycheck! Ya know what? I'm going to create such a place!

What would I call it though? I'll have to think about it, but I like the sound of "bank."

to offconsumerpissed Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1249297

what a novel idea!

to offconsumerpissed Moscow, Idaho, United States #1249488

Or even better: "credit union".

to offconsumerpissed #1249913

Wow they make those type of places. A bank hmmm you just thought of a brilliant idea.

Duh if we were eligible for a bank account or the thing where a job electronically deposits your money "oh that's called direct deposit." We would have that. But thank you for your brilliant suggestions may not have thought of it without your help.

to offconsumerpissed #1249923

People don't have bank accounts at different points in their lives, for various reasons. When you reach the age of adulthood, you may be able to grasp that concept!

to Anonymous #1250198

I was on the run once..

to Anonymous Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1251153

So was I...I ate at Taco Bell.

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