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My wife & I did our grocery shopping in the Richland MS store on the evening of Friday, 12/2. We were ready to check out around 7:45.

There were only 4 registers open & 2 of them were express lanes (20 items or less) and the store wa extremely busy with long lines at the registers....THIS IS THE HOLIDAY SEASON!!!! To make matters worse, several employees were just standing around the closed registers chit chatting & doing nothing! We were getting ready to leave our packed buggy in the aisle & walk out, but a co mgr cared enough to recognize the situation and take it upon herself to open a register and check us out.

This is typical Walmart; to *** with customer service.....just get their $$$. Fewer cashiers = lower overhead = more profit = bigger manager bonus!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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"BrettJones" you may have some of the newbie posters here fooled, but those of us who have been around this site for any length of time can spot YOU the troll/cyberbully KevinRichards a mile away.

FirstBornTriplet/Zack- I have been dealing with the same scenario as you for months, i.e. Kevin or one of his 50 different accounts will unleash absolute filthy comments on me and I will be the one have MY responses deleted while Kevin's trash comments remain.

Then, I get moderated so my comments never appear while Kevin continues to freely spread his verbal disease. I've also noticed that Kevin can freely attack letter writers themselves and when they make a protest, THEIR responses get deleted as well.

Other consumer sites have had the sense to ban Kevin and his many aliases but not this site. Conclusion: Kevin is the bratty child of a pissedconsumer employee!


Brett Jones is one of Kevin's comments, take a good look at his post history. Same behavior, calling everyone "seven years old" using ASSume of assume ect.

You can avoid this whole moderation by changing your IP address I found out when they banned me for exposing Kevin. Just turn off your modem for a few minutes and most of the time it changes. Though it does not work on accounts when they unfairly ban or silence you it does work on anonymous posts and new accounts.

Though they banned my firstborntriplet account three times. I guess the people on this site support impersonation, and calling people with down syndrome retarded because those comments are not removed.


I have to agree. Same juvi behavior.


It is some of the people who are posting the reviews that are acting juvenile. I am just calling them out for their immaturity.


Walmart makes public statements each year, admitting the number one complaint they get is lack of registers open. Every year they promise to remedy that and every year they prove themselves to be major liars.


Walmart's reasoning could be this...

The less registers that are open, the more money they make.


Perhaps you are right, but unfortunately my wife left one of the packages in the store and I slapped her across the face when I found out because I was still angry. She called the cops on me.

Had that co mgr not helped us we would have left.Also my wife did not want to leave and I told her if she did not leave I would deal with her at home. I was shouting at her but at least that got the co mgr's attention when they called security on us.


Why are you acting like this?

Is this a true complaint or just a joke?


This post is the little troll while waiting for his welfare check. He has a bored life apparently and tries being funny. Poor little troll!!!


The troll posting is the infamous Kevin Richards who has no job, no life and pulls that stunt all the time.


According to the real IP address the person who posted this is from TN, so my guess is it is the one that claims his imaginary friend Kevin Richards made the post that is posing at the OP?


Nice try "Brett"(AKA KEVIN) but there is NO WAY the IP address says Tennessee because I am NOT in the state of Tennessee! If you can really access IP addresses here, then tell me Sherlock, what is the REAL IP address I am posting from!!!


I am not Kevin, and I was not referring to you. I was referring to that other person.

However it is funny how both of you seem to have an obsession with Kevin Richards. Nice try though, and it is obvious from our lack of grammar that you are a little kid. Do your parents know that you are on here?

Stay off of this site, this site is for adults to discuss real problems, not for you to troll on pretending to be other people. Funny how every time something like this happens less than a day you are on here claiming it was this Kevin dude when clearly he has not posted.


Like another poster said that was not made by the OP but by someone what goes by many usernames. Kevin Richards is one of them.

I suspect as well that Brett Jones is Kevin Richards as well. The sad thing is that Kevin Richards either works for the site or knows people that do. Every time someone points out that he is impersonating the OP they delete the comments and sometimes ban the person who is exposing him. Then when someone says that he is impersonating the OP he claims that he is not and he traced the IP address to OP or the one making the speculation that he and the OP are the same person.

His other comments(Bretts) are similar to Kevin's. Calling people seven years old, telling them to have mommy monitor them ect. I have tried to expose him but in my original account firstborntriplet they have to approve my comments so he is not exposed and of course when I make comments connecting the two together they don't post them.

However they delete comments that connect the two together and not his impersonating the OP so it looks like the OP posted it to people who are new to the site. You basically can get banned for exposing the faults of this site, but members like Kevin are allowed to harass others ad break the rules.