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A product I wanted showed online that it was available for pick up at a local Walmart store. It was a little bit further than my usual store but I figured if I could get it that day I’d drive the extra distance so i went ahead and placed the order.

When I got there I was informed there must have been an error with the store inventory and it was back ordered. I was only mildly annoyed but found a similar item on their website that had free expedited shipping. It was a little bit more so I called the customer service # to see if I could get a promo code or maybe a 5 dollar discount for my troubles… this is when things took a turn for the worse. After explaining the situation and giving my order #, the customer service representative proceeded to look it up and instead REPLACE THE SAME ORDER!

I was baffled at this point and calmly tried to reiterate my wishes, and that reordering a back ordered product put me in the same situation and wasn’t going to do me any good. She then gave me a plethora of excused why Walmart couldn’t give a discount ranging from holiday prices to products not being guaranteed to be in stock (which if I wasn’t told it was available for pick-up/ waisted time and gas to go retrieve I would except as an excuse) but the simple fact is; it was an error on their part that resulted in a poor customer experience. Simply put, I am absolutely baffled they would not do ANYTHING for me, especially when I was willing to order something more expensive from them as an alternative!! I wasn’t asking for the moon and stars or even for them to match the original item price..

just something to appease the situation a little.

Pretty disappointing. I went to Home Depot instead

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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