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I ordered PS4 for my son for bday online was told could pick up next day at 8 am called none in stock . Called customer service talked to lady she said running a little behind but showed it was being picked said be ready by 8 next morning.

Well called said wasn't ready, went to store manager said they haven't had any since Black Friday. By now bday was ruined , called customer service said I did their job for them found two a short distance from our house. Asked if I could just have pickup store switch and I'd go pick it up , guy said sorry can't do that just cancel your order.

Customer service totally sucked , not only ruined bday , but price went up by 30 dollars. I know big companies could care less about one consumer but seems a large company as Walmart they would have a better way to handle situations than "Sorry cancel your order go buy it at other store" Especially since I had to go online to find what other stores had them cause they couldn't find any.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Muncie, Indiana, United States #1251737

You had literally 365 days to plan for your son's next birthday. Yeah, it stinks for him that you waited until the last minute to plan anything, but what exactly do you want the minimum wage workers at Wal-Mart to do? Like they have any say whatsoever on Playstations being shipped.

to offconsumerpissed #1251926

I did not know until a few weeks ago that my son wanted a PS4. When I did not get it for his bday he started yelling at me.

He told me he would rather live with his dad. I may be one person and they probably don't care that this caused my son to stop talking to me because he did not get what he wanted. My son stopped talking to me for a week. He is still angry at me for not getting him the PS4 and making me break my promise.

They do not care that because of their action of not having the PS4 for the cheaper price that my son told me he would rather live with his ex than me. Right now my son is speaking to me but he still tells me he is angry at me for ruining his bday by not giving him the ps4

to myaccount2016 #1252019

That is not Walmart's problem or any other store's problem.

That is your son's problem.

to Anonymous Jackson, New Jersey, United States #1252182

It is her problem as well since she allows her son to treat her like ***. If I ever talked to my parents like this when I was 14 I would not able to sit for a week, nor would I get a birthday gift for being such a rude brat.

to myaccount2016 Jackson, New Jersey, United States #1252180

Wow I can't believe what I have just read. Your son is downright disrespecting you.

He is being a spoiled brat. I am not a parent, but if my child behaved this way because he did not get what he wanted for his birthday I would not give him anything. I would tell him with that attitude he is getting nothing for his birthday. I am disgusted by what I have just read.

It is no wonder that kids there days talk back to adults, disrespect each other and get into trouble with the law. Parents refuse to discipline them and allow their children to treat them like something they scrapped off their shoe.

Your son's behavior disgusts me. You are basically allowing him to mistreat you.

to Anonymous #1253192

I'm more worried about the state of this country. Millions of people are teaching their kids this same lesson. But clearly the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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