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Tried to return an item, the associate needed to call a manager over to help. Manager was EXTREMELY rude, disrespectful, and had an over the top attitude.

Did not get her name, but she was heavy set, long dark hair, wore yellow vest over uniform. I will not be returning to this location! Which is unfortunate, because the midway location is a nightmare but I guess i will have to travel farther to be treated with respect, as a paying, loyal customer. I've spent so much money there the past year but I cannot believe they would treat people this way.

She told us we could not return it and basically told us to get out and that we were not appreciated one bit. Did not even apologize, and as I said, was EXTREMELY rude. Never been treated this way at any store by a staff member. I'm amazed she has a job, much less is "higher up" in the company than other workers.

Management: get rid of her!! And teach staff how to give customer service.

It is possible to tell someone no without yelling, giving attitude and acting like your a contestent on Jerry Springer. No class.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Houston, Texas, United States #1252191

Is the OP a troll?

to Anonymous Perris, California, United States #1252208

Nope, the OP is just someone that thinks the world revolves around her. Just some immature child stuck in an adult's body.

A man child(or woman child if that is a term) that makes a scene when she does not get her way. There are many uncivilized people like the OP.

Houston, Texas, United States #1252190

Yes, OP, you did cause a scene.

You admitted to refusing to move out of the line when you demanded to see the camera footage, and you cursed out-loud.

So exactly why did you state this in one reply, and then stated in another reply your actions, which prove that you did cause a scene?

Do you really expect any business to give you the "customer service" you want when you act like a sucky customer?

to Anonymous Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1252206

I refused to move from the line until they gave me proper service. I did not cause a scene.

I just wanted good customer service. I was not a sucky customer until they refused to check he tape. I did not want to see the footage. I wanted them to check the footage to see that I paid for the item.

They said if I knew what day and time I bought the item they can give a refund. But since I did not know the day and time it would take a long time to sort through the footage. Read before you reply you retard.

I cannot believe the people posting on this site are this retarded. I am surprised that you all even have enough brain power to turn on a computer.

to Lbrumm-13 Houston, Texas, United States #1252234

What is he tape?

Some of what you mentioned in your replies is not necessary.

Your behavior tells a lot about you, and it is not pretty.

You treat people in service positions like dirt under your shoe.

You can learn how a person is like by observing how they treat others in service type positions. You are the type of person whom others avoid getting to know considering your behavior.

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1252472

I don't think she treats only service people like that. I think she treats everyone like that.

Look at how this immature person replied to others. She should not be allowed in public or online.

to Lbrumm-13 #1252344

How many cameras do you think they have? How many hours are in a day?

How many days in a year? Go ahead I'll let you do the math....done?

Good now how long would you have been waiting in that line for someone watch all that? Gtfo here.

Fullerton, California, United States #1251920

You do realize that just because a person told you no does not make them rude right? No matter how much money you spent at that store your not returning is not going to make them broke.

Also it seems like there is more to this story. You are obviously not telling the whole story. They don't generally ask customers to leave unless they are rude themselves.

You caused a scene which was probably why they asked you to leave. Too bad you did not bring mommy or daddy in the store with you to check on your behavior.

to MakeMyDay2016 Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1251930

Lol you're retarded. No I did not cause a scene.

Where did you get that? And no she did not ask us to leave but that was her attitude, like "oh my god you actually want me to do my job?" You were not there. So no, don't tell me what happened. And obviously you have no life if you're sitting on here commenting on other people's reviews who don't even live near you.

Lol. Have fun.

to Lbrumm-13 Fullerton, California, United States #1252137

You are the one that ir retarded if you actually think people are going to believe you were completely innocent.

to MakeMyDay2016 Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1252142

Ha it is you that is retarded. The told me that since I lost my receipt they could not make the return.

Well people lose things. I told them to look up their cameras to see when I purchased the items. First they were willing to help me. They asked me what day I bought the item.

I told them I did not know the exact date and exact time. The lazy manager admitted that since I do not know the exact day and time I bought the item that it would take a long time to buy the item. I told them I would not get out of line until they checked the cameras. They refused and told me I had to leave as I was holding up the line.

I told them I was not. Then she got rude and threatened to call security. She basically told me that if I knew the approximate date and time I bought the item they can give a refund. Right now all they can give is a store credit.

I told them that was unacceptable and at this time yeah I was fed up and I used a few words that should not be used and I was told I was not welcome in the store. That if I ever entered the store I would be arrested for trespassing because I was arguing with other customers.

to MakeMyDay2016 #1252346

Lol your argument is that people lose things is hilarious. Let me know how that works out for your White House dinner with Donald without a ticket or go to a game or concert without your ticket 'because people lose things'. You're an adult you should know by now that if you want an easier life you need to be responsible.

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1251918

I'm referring to Roseville, MN location.

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