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Update by user Dec 16, 2016

Someone has gotten into my account. I have only two post up here including this update.

Whoever this person is, is trying to make me look ***. All I have done was state my opinion about what happened and someone wants to come up here acting like me and posting stuff that is untrue and that I have never even heard of. For one my daughter is not 16 and I am not a single mother. I have not talked to a lawyer and my daughter did not lose her doctors note.

I was with her when she took it to them. I don't know what would make someone post these other remarks but this is the first and last time I use this site.

Original review posted by user Dec 14, 2016

This is an employee complaint. Walmart has the most screwed up policy.

If you miss a day without a doctor's note you get a point. You are allowed 4 points in the first six months. Then after that you only get two more. My daughter was employed at the Walmart on 70 west in Goldsboro NC.

She had two points a month before because she got sick and couldn't afford the doctor. Hen this month she got an ear infection, went to the doctor and took a note to work. They gave her two more points and fired her even with the doctors note. They had praised her for her great work over and over, but then do something like this.

I may go see a lawyer.

How can they do this with a doctor's note? Walmart has seen the last of me.

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Wayne County, North Carolina, United States #1256635

I now know how this site works. No one really got into my account.

If you click on my username you will see all the posts that I have made. However someone is pretending to be me. I am not a single mother anymore. I got married and my daughter is no longer 16 she is older now.

If the font is in black that is someone else. What I meant to say in my update is that my daughter did lose her doctor's not the first time. Then she got fired. Then my daughter got a second note from the doctor which he charged $30 for and we went together to hand the note so that they could rehire her.

There were other posts on here which were not written by me. Posts that said that I was drinking while pregnant with my daughter. Posts that said that I beat my daughter and she was put into foster care when we were younger. That part is not true and I see that whoever made those posts or the people running the site deleted them.

I never drank while pregnant with my daughter. Someone wrote that I am only fighting my daughter's battles because I drank while pregnant with her and it gave her birth defects. This is not true. If these posts show up again they are not true.

My daughter is no longer 16. She was 16 when she was fired but now she is 17. My daughter only called in sick once when she was not really sick. I am no longer a single parent as I have gotten married after this incident.

My daughter was fired in September and I am still trying to get her job back. She came home crying when they fired her. When we got another doctor's not which was not lost and they refused to give her her job back she was crying.

They then told me that she was fired for allowing her friends to user her employee discount to save what a few bucks? They told me that she signed a form saying she would not allow her friends to use her discount and that is grounds for termination.

to tammy2753O Durham, North Carolina, United States #1256661

I don't know who this person is posting under my user name but it better stop. I am not a single mother and I have never been a single mother.

My daughter is not 16 or 17. And she was not fired in september.

How can someone post under my user name? I don't know who you are but I am going to figure out how to get in touch with the people that run the site.

to tammy27530 Wayne County, North Carolina, United States #1256668

Anyways like I said name in black font not my post, name in blue font is my post. I hope this posting in black font under my username stops.

to tammy27530 Fullerton, California, United States #1256671

Why should we believe you when you said in your update nine hours ago that this is your first and last time using this site. You claim you are not using this site anymore yet you keep making posts.

My advise to you is to as the people who run this site to have your whole account deactivated and your whole review removed as your lawyer instructed you. If your daughter is over 17 as you claim than you should not be fighting her battles. She is a big girl and should be fighting her own battles. Though I do not believe someone got into your account as you claimed in your update that that was the last time you were using the site and yet you still made this post.

You keep changing your location which make you look suspicious.

Now all of a sudden you are from Durham North Carolina?

to tammy27530 Ontario, Canada #1256676

I know who is posting under your username it is that user MakeMyDay2016. He has many accounts as someone else stated.

He is famous by the username Kevin Richards. You can try to contact the site but they rarely do a thing. Apparently MakeMyDay2016 as you know him works for the site. In other words if you complain to them you will have your posts removed and his will stay to make you look guilty.

They will ban you simply for complaining about the poor way the site is ran. Many times this KevinRichards person or MakeMyDay2016 as you know him has pretended to be other people. He did not get into your account in your case instead of using the number zero at the end of his username he used the letter O as he did before. The thing is he is allowed to use the site to impersonate others, and harass others while those that complain about the site have their posts removed.

If you complain to this site they will just remove your posts enough to make it look like you are in the wrong and the company is in the right. Kevin Richards/MakeMyDay2016's is jobless and amuses himself by posting as others. The best thing to do is to not reply to this site anymore, perhaps you can ask that they stop sending emails to you when someone else posts, or change your email to something random. The losers running this site do not do a thing.

They post compliments themselves pretending to be site members that found the site useful and they delete any negative reviews about the site and ban the members or only allow their posts to be posted after moderation. I and several others complained only to be told the posts needs approval or get banned from the site. Contacting them wont do a thing as they allow this to happen and are unable to run it properly. Best hing is to leave this site and never return.

PS it is a good thing that your daughter got fired because from what I know management treats employees badly.

Not all but most of the time. Find her another job where she will be treated with respect.

to First Born Triplet Zack Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1256687

Thank you so much. All I did was get upset over how my daughter was treated.

Who knew some people get their kicks doing this to others. I looked also after you posted this and you are right. He changed my 0 to an O. How pathetic ones life must be.

Again thank you so much for pointing this out to me. Do you by chance know how Ican stop the emails from this board?

to First Born Triplet Zack Fullerton, California, United States #1256821

I never posted she posted under all usernames. But Tammy if you want to stop emails from this board out this website on your block list.

Then go change your daughter's diaper and fill up her sippy cup. She is crying again because she got fired. Zack. I never made those posts, Tammy did until her lawyer told her to stop.

Your daughter was not mistreated at all Tammy. Welcome her to the real world.

You will probably lose your case and the reason your daughter was fired was because the manager finds her incompetent. Mommy still comes in to work to wipe her tooch when she goes to the washroom.

Fullerton, California, United States #1256628

No one is making you look ***. You are doing that yourself by posting things your lawyer asked you to remove.

I quoted your post where you said that your lawyer asked you to remove the other things like how your daughter socializes instead of works.

How she called in sick when she was not sick ect. I quoted you where you said that your lawyer told you to remove the posts.

to MakeMyDay2016 Wayne County, North Carolina, United States #1256630

I just found out how this site works. Apparently when posting under anonymous you can post under any username.

So here is the thing. Notice how you can click on your own username? That means you made the post. The font is in blue and clickable.

Then there are posts in black font. They were posted by someone else. I made this post and yeah I have replied back to people explaining the situation.

My lawyer has advised me not to use this site and to let my review die. But I just cannot do that with people bashing my daughter.

to MakeMyDay2016 Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #1256666

I don't know who you are but I have not been posting this mess up here. I don't know who has been posting with my user name but the mess that has been said has not been by me.

I am not a single mother. My daughter is not 16 or 17 and she did not get fired in september. I have been married only once and have been married for the last 26 years. I am not remarried.

So like I said I don't know who this person is posting under my user name. Do you know how to get in touch with the moderators of this site?

Texas, United States #1256327

Not to mention you are in one of the right to work states where they can fire your daughter for any reason

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1256624

My lawyer wants me to be honest and he wants this review removed from the site.

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1256626

I quoted the person showing that they did in fact post this review and the lawyer is asking them to take it down. They better listen to their lawyer.

Texas, United States #1256325

You asked if there is a lawyer client confidentiality with a minor, apparently there is and he is not allowed to disclose any information your daughter shared in private.

Representing minor children raises the issue of “who is the client?” Because the lawyer will most often be contacted initially by the student’s parent, it is easy to think of the parent as the client. It is important to remember, however, that the student is the client.

Even when the student is a minor, the attorney-client relationship is with the student.

The Rules of Professional Conduct (Rule 1.14) state that the lawyer shall, as far as reasonably possible, maintain a normal client-lawyer relationship with the minor, particularly with regard to communication. This means that the lawyer owes a duty of confidentiality to the minor child, even with respect to the child’s parents.

to Anonymous Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #1256809

Thank you for your post. I am not the one posting this ***.

This person changed the zero in my username to the letter O and made all these *** post.

He has tried to make me look like a fool when if you click my real user name the one with the zero you see the only things I have posted. Some people are just pathetic and have nothing better to do.

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #1256313

Yeah she did get fired but their policy is screwed up as I stated earlier. First my lawyer says that I have a case, but he said that my daughter should have told him that she lost the note up front.

He said she should have told him that they warned her about talking to her friends while working at first. He says he can no longer represent me if she keeps stuff from him.

I am just so frustrated. I am trying to stand up for my daughter and it looks like Walmart is going to win at the end for unfairly firing her.

to tammy2753O Texas, United States #1256320

You really should have consulted with your lawyer without posting this. They would have advised you not to post anything that could be used in the store's favor.

However it looks like your daughter is going to lose the case because they had a good reason to fire her. Yeah they do mistreat their employees but they are right in this situation.

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #1256308

As I stated earlier my daughter is 16 years old. Like I said, you obviously are not a parent.

Standing up for their children even if they are wrong is what parents do. My child is not wrong in this situation.

She simply lost the doctor's note which is why she did not have it the last time. Anyways I am looking at ways to have this review deleted as my lawyer is saying he can no longer represent us if I don't delete this review and the posts since Walmart's lawyers can use it against us in court.

Wayne County, North Carolina, United States #1256088

Ok I don't know how or who got into my account, but the only post i have made is the very first one. I have not replied to anyone.

All these comments that show are from me are not. The first post is my complaint. And to the one that said if my daughter is old enough to work then she is old enough to stand up for her self is obviously not a parent. That's what parents do.

And I am not fighting her battles, I am simply stating a complaint about the company. And yes I have talked to the manager that was told to fire her and the reason is what I stated

to Tammy27530 Wayne County, North Carolina, United States #1256304

Okay fine I admit to making those posts since my lawyer told me that they can check IP addresses. However he is saying if I do not have this review deleted as well as my comments towards others he cannot represent others.

I want to know how to delete my replied. I cannot find a way to delete them and I want to know how. I did however talk to the manager, at first he refused to tell me why she was fired. However after I told him I had a lawyer he told me that she never had a doctor's note.

She lost it the last time and we do not have enough money to pay a doctor every time she gets sick. I am a single parent. I wish that I never wrote this or the other replies because unless I remove the replies my lawyer won't represent me anymore. He told me that I should be honest about the posts that I have made to other people because they can check IP address and use that against me in the case for being dishonest.

I am really at my wits end here. The lawyer still won't tell me all the stuff my daughter told her and I had to get some information from her friends and coworker. Some said they could not disclose the information. The manager himself would not disclose the information until I told him I had a lawyer and he said she was fired for not having a doctor's note.

I explained that she lost it and he still would not accept the excuse. He just hates teenagers.

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