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Me and husband own 2 businesses and our lease was up, we have an suv that has a few clothes in it but mainly work equipment, so we heard walmart well let u park and sleep when u get off the road i do work a full time so we park just like all of the customers, we been told my husband was naked, we are using the bathroom but i notice hookers crying no police was called, drugs been sold yet no police, but police has been at our suv over 20 times your company even told police they do not want us there i guess as black people we broke laws not wanting a lease but to live in our suv for our business, i get under paid workers hate we save and build but they have the same trucks and other cars during worse, plus just had a drug

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I'm just curious as to the font of the sign that the crying 'hooker' was wearing to let you know she was a hooker. What about the 'drugs being sold' they get over the intercom to announce that one? GTFO here with all your worried bout everyone else assumptions.

Decatur, Alabama, United States #1259286

Are you on drugs now? Where is this suv?

DO YOU STILL OWN "2 businesses"?

How did you get to this point in your life?

Please post follow up.

Houston, Texas, United States #1258930

Is this a true complaint or just a made up story by a bored person?

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