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I have a complaint that as driver delivery to Walmart it's your freight why would you charge me to unload your freight or I can unload but would have to break it down to deliver to your store most of your stores want allow trucks to park on your property but you sure want me and my family to spend our money with you and I can promise you that I will not spend another dime with walmart. Mister walmart would roll over in his grave with the way ya"ll have destroyed his legacy shame on ya"ll

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Sounds like they want to unload their product to ensure it doesn't get *** up by someone who doesn't even understand the importance of Grammer.


I did not know that there was someone named Mister walmart.


This long run-on sentence does not make any sense with the poor grammar and poor punctuation.

Is this a true complaint or just a made up story?


Only a *** would worry about grammer in a working man's complaint. Go get mommy to read a book to you.


I am too old for my mommy to read a book to me.