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Walmart will post pictures up of soldiers in store locations yet do not offer military discount. Lowes and home depot price match and 10% off on top of price matching to military or veterans making savings even greater please fix this walmart.

So many stores offer 10% off get with the program stop being cheap. Quit being so greedy to the ones that gave you the abilities to become a multi billion dollar corporation. If not do us veterans and currently serving a favor and stop putting photos of our active duty or less fortunate in your stores... Anyone that reads this go to to find a list of over 230 businesses that truly support our troops also I ask everywhere I go and always get 10-20% off.

Its the little things that mean so much to the ones that have sacrificed so much. Also to all my veterans and active duty reading this. I salute you. Thank you for your service and hope this finds you in good spirits.

If you are home remember to seperate yourself from where you were and what you have been through. It will be ok your fight is over. If you need help seek it out please and you can always reach out if you need or want to talk. D.Co 3/187th Inf.

Regt. Rakkasans personal email:

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Waynesville, Missouri, United States #1296391

so why don't firefighters or law enforcement or teachers(whats more important than teaching/guiding children) or paramedics or highway workers(dangerous job)get discount(s)


Shouldn't their prices be low enough for everyone to get those great deals? Did you actually do the math?

Would it still have been cheaper at Walmart even with a discount somewhere else?

No matter which way you slice it any specific group of people is still only a small percentage of the amount of people in this country and everyone needs pleased. Get over it or still end up spending more somewhere else because Walmart will be fine pleasing the other 80 percent of the country.

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