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On Monday March 13th 2017 around 5 pm My family were shopping and we were thinking about purchasing bicycles for our two children. Our one child is 7 and just learning without training wheels and we wanted to see if he Could ride it before we purchased it.

As he got on the bike an older lady with short blondish hair pushing a broom yelled at my child and told him he needed to get off the bike. He came to me crying he got yelled at and that he didn't mean to make the lady upset with him.... The lady clearly looked at me his mother and said I'm sorry but there is no bike riding in our store. Shook her head n said no absolutely not I asked even if we're purchasing the item and she said no we can not get on the bicycles.

This makes me very upset for the absolute horrible customer service!! We put the bicycles back and we will take our business else where..

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Manassas, Virginia, United States #1302387

One more thing now I face a situation where my children can be placed in foster care. If she had let him try out the bike I would have bought it for him, he would not have cried because I refused to buy him the bike, I would not have hit him, and left him in the parking lot for five minutes and the police would not have been called. Thanks to her she ruined a good family outing.

to Anonymous #1303869

Wow, you're a special kind of *** huh!?!?


It's not about customer service though. It's insurance and legality issues.

They know darn well that you are going to sue if he gets hurt. Like it or not, that's the sue-happy world we live in.

to offconsumerpissed Manassas, Virginia, United States #1302385

But my son really wanted that bike and I said no, he started crying in the parking lot and I slapped him and told him he had to walk home. I came back five minutes and told him to get in the car.

I was still angry at this time and swore at him.

Little did I know that some busybody was spying on me and saw me leave my son in the parking lot. They called the police on me and the police were there before I could take my son home and want to question me and talk to me further.

to Anonymous #1302750

Oh no, you are that dolt.

to Anonymous Chevy Chase, Maryland, United States #1305334

Wait, hold up-- so now you're blaming Walmart for the fact that YOU hit your child, and for that fact that YOU left your child alone in public?! Jeez, grow up, take responsibility, and learn to be a better parent.

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