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To get *** off the Walmart at the village is were most of the ladies are having sex in the parking lot were they park is sad but is true l was with my kids and to worker at the Walmart on 466 the village were in thier car having sex this should be at a work place thier should be at work not in the parking lot this should be report or hire security

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Benicia, California, United States #1194793

Well you know what they say. Take a picture it will last longer.

Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1194731

So Walmart should stop people from doing whatever they wish inside their own vehicles? Hmmm.......doesn't work that way in a free country.



Are you really that bored that you would post a complaint like this?

to snugglegirl05 England, United Kingdom #1163636

I am surprised that this review was not deleted, yet my non offensive comments were deleted. This just shows you how unprofessional the people running the site are.

They allow impersonation and cyber bullying and discrimination, but delete helpful comments. If you complain they delete your comments. They make their own positive reviews and ban those that complain about the site.

Unprofessional. But just be glad that it happened outside the store, and not in the store, and being Florida some people say that is where all the weird stuff happens so maybe this is a true story.

First Born Triplet

We all know what this is really about don't we. The true reason you were angry was because you were not asked to join in, because you were not in on the action.

But I like your complaint even if it is a troll complaint.

But I don't believe you, because as they say. "Pictures, or it did not happen."

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