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I purchased a product from the electronics with a "lifetime warranty" it broke then they refused to exchange it, insisting I must go through the company and when asking the electronics supervisor why buy from you instead of the company then he just said that's your choice. I can assure them that I won't ever come back if you won't take the time to set up a collaboration with the company. Next time I will not waste my time or money and go straight to the consumer and cut out the middle man when the middle man has a net worth of 144.7 billion but can't take the time to make proper relations and exchange networks with there suppliers

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Were you born in a *** barn or are you just brainless? It's common knowledge that warranties are given through the manufacturer and not the retailer. They must've had a field day with your dumb *** after you left.