Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
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Me and my just got married this year. So as newly weds we would like to have our first Christmas memorable.

We needed all new decorations including a Christmas tree and such. But we can't afford to pay it at once. Even if it was just a tree. So we thought layaway would be the best option which we could pay off before Christmas.

But the clerk says they can not do Christmas decorations it won't allow them. Which in turn really upset us cause we can't by them outright.

So this year we are stuck with no tree, no decorations of any sort. This needs to change.....

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You could buy a mini table top Xmas tree and mini decorations for a lot less money than an average size tree and ornaments. That is what I am doing this year and I can't wait it's gonna look so cute.


Decent looking tree and decorations can be bought easily for less than $50 total.


A fake Christmas tree depending on the size does not cost a lot of money. Decorations are .98 cents or buy a pack.


how about putting a little bit away from each paycheck, and saving up for decorations? or better yet, go on facebook and join some group pages around you and people are always selling seasonal stuff, real cheap, sometimes free.

Simple solution. Put some effort into it if it's that important to you.


Actually, what needs to change is for you and yours to get better jobs---if you have one.