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I stopped by Walmart( the friendly family store) They dont have a copy machine(NO COPY MACHINE. HUH?)I I asked just to make 1 not 2,5 r 20!!

Just 1 to give this girl a sheet.No she couldnt but she did state they had one for them(WHAT????)would it have harmed r damage n e thing? WHAT HAPPEND TO CUSTOMER SERVICE????

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The problem honey is you live in Texas, you are most likely going to find they sell guns and beer there instead of paper. If they do have photo copy paper, they use it to wipe their buttocks after using the toilet. Check the toilet paper department.


This is Quick Texn dummies, get Ur finger out of it


Sorry, I don't speak ghetto.


N sorry I'm not a DONKEY either


This letter wins ignorant posting of the month. You are in Houston, Texas and you thought you would stop by a freakin' Walmart to make a copy? You need help!


No u r Ignorant I never said Houston, n plus it has all other accessories for customers .Learn to comprehend b4U try n Speak


It says HOUSTON, TEXAS you dumbazz. If you cannot read, please find a competent adult to assist you.

Somehow, I don't think you should be left on your own anyway. You don't seem functional.


Learn to spell before you bash others. Your review says Houston Texas, it automatically posts your location based on your IP address.

Now if you entered Houston Texas instead of your real location one who knows how to comprehend would automatically assume you live there. It is not a question or them learning how to comprenhend, it is you who needs to use logical reasoning.


This is a store, not an office. Go to the library. I don't understand getting angry about a store not offering a service that they do not advertise that they offer.


It is almost as bad as that review I went to when someone went to Olive Garden or something, and felt offended because her son aged 11 got a kiddy menu. He asked for an adult menu, ordered waffles, they don't make waffles so they mother threw a fit demanding all her money back for her whole family.