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The Walmart Supercenter in Lancaster, TX is not accepting WIC payments for items which should be covered. I intend to make a fuss!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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You say you have a job, this is not about whether you have a job or not, this is about you having entitlement issues. You are not entitled to all kind of foods for WIC.

You need to stop reproducing until you are financially. You may think you are entitled to everything you wanted to purchase but you are not. I agree. Stop with these rude replies.

These people pay taxes to feed your child. Talk about selfish and ungrateful. How dare you call those that pay taxes to feed your child morons? How dare you use your money on internet when you could be using it for food?

How dare you talk in a disrespectful way to anyone, especially to those that pay to feed you and that child. You have a lot of nerve and no shame to behave this way.


If a company participates in wic, then they have to provide all wic approved items. Seems like a problem with the Lone Star system.

Maybe it was programmed by crack heads.

Also, don't worry about the anonymous cowards in the comments- experience shows that they are probably on welfare and just trying to act holier than thou. You ARE entitled to benefits in this country whether they like it or not, and most people who need them only need them temporarily.


When something WIC related is denied in any store its not there fault. They are bound by the WIC policies set into their systems. Get a job and stop breeding!


Of course you would intend to make a fuss. People on WIC and foodstamps think they are entitled to things.

They think they can just bring children into the world and have tax payers pay to feed the child. They think they can just sit at home and have tax payers to feed to them.

When someone else is paying to feed you and your child you have no right to make a fuss. Get a job so you won't have this problem again, and stop having children.

to Anonymous #1076804

I had that verified by management, thanks. Trolls.

I'll be making six figures by the time my daughter is in kindergarten. Suck it.

to Anonymous #1076840

I'll be coding my butt off as an independent contractor while you rot in your corporate, hierarchical cesspools. My HUSBAND will be making money hand over fist as both a baker and electronics engineer.

My daughter will probably attend a Montessori STEAM school.

Whatever we do, we'll be blessed. I hope your backwater, Grinch *** wake up some day and smell some of this opportunity.

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