Lewes, Delaware
Not resolved

Attn Walmart Simpsonville south Carolina

Worker Daniel a cart pusher leaves his job un finished for others to do bevause he is lazy and one of the CSM pet. He also gets to sit to the side during his shift doing nithing. He takes ling breaks and no body does anything aboyt it. He is a lazy worker. He is someones pet and gets by with everything even taking almost a teo hour lunch break leaving other workers to finish his job he is suspise to be doing. He should be fired.this store needs investigating. So much is wrong with the store that it really needs help. Issues are not getting resolved.

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Are you playing on mommies computer again when you should be in school learning how to spell? Also I am sure it is not nice to tattle on people!!!


How come I see Lewes, Delaware at the top of this complaint, but the store is located in Simpsonville South Carolina?

It would be a very long drive just to go to that particular location, pay attention to what is happening, and complain about it.