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Regarding my order # 2677117761734. Jessica C.

responded that my spray paint shipped today, August, 28th, 2014 and if I had any other questions, to please reply to that email, Walmart Customer. ... I replied to that email, but it came back delivery failure, not a valid address, so I will reply here: I hope Walmart doesn't make a habit of holding my orders until I follow up.

I appreciate that Jessica C. replied so expediently and that you shipped my order.

Thank you.

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She will never read that here, for sure... Let me ask you a question..

How did you get in touch with her in the first place?

If you want to talk to her, do it that way, not to pissedoffconsumer. I don't who handed out your brains, but, you were not in that line, that day!

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