Vero Beach, Florida
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I am a senior citizen, every time I go to shop at walmart vero beach Fl parking lot, the east side of grocery dept, all employees take 3 isles

of the parking spaces, I have sat many times and seen them come out to their cars and trucks, they back them in and have sun visors in

the wind shield. Also sit and turn their boon boxes up so loud you can't hear.

I think its about time they have some condersation for the seniors that shop in walmart, and leave the parking places for them, The employees are young , thay can do the walking to the store for their jobs. I think the Mgr.

of the store needs to have a meeting and ck, the parking lot, and see for themselves whats going on. Thanks

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Stay your old self at home


Employees have certain isles they are supposed to park in. Those are probably the 3 isles meant for associate parking.

Not saying they have to follow that rule, because at my store the workers basically park where ever. I'm sure there are plenty of parking up front for you to park.


You are wrong you know, the isles closes to the store are for customers. You had to park at least six or seven isles away unless you were handicapped, and if that is the case in my opinion you should not be working since you are not able to help the customer.

Anyways the closes isles are for customers. That was the rule when my sister used to work there before the bastards unfairly fired her.


Do you mean they take the first three aisles, or are you actually upset that the employees drove their cars to work and then expect to park them in the parking lot? It sounds, from your complaint like you actually expect ask the associates to walk to work every day regardless of where they live just so you can park a little closer to the store, which is an absolutely ridiculous demand that you should be ashamed of.

What about the associates who are also senior citizens? When they are in their cars, the associates are not working, so they are free to do as they like.