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One time when I shop at Walmart, I don't realized that my credit card expired until the cashier told me. So, I try to give her an other card however, she said she cannot give the expired card back to me. She needs to keep it. I'm very surprise that. I ask her what she'll do with my card, she said she needs to cut it. I'm in financial business, I can't believe she said that. That doesn't sounds right to me. I refuse her to keep my card. she called up a person and he said it's their new procedure. if they receive an expired card, they have to cut it.

Since they insist and nothing I can do that they are holding my card and I cannot just grab( I know my mannor). I ask them to cut it right in front of me and I want the pieces back. Since I still need to call the card centre to find out where is my new card.

so, I call the card centre and they said they never initiate this policy to any of the department store. And it is wrong to keep customer card. If it's expired, it is the matter of the customer, nothing relate to the store. The visa centre advise me that it looks like a scam.

And I sent an email to Walmart Canada for this situation, no reply no feedback at all. Therefore, I have to write here to warn all shoppers to be carefull.

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#904624 Look for the "Green Snakes" GE Capital Retail Pay Pal.

They even had the nerve to use the United States Post Office to defraud consumers! This goes to show you just how GREEDY & EVIL they really are. The review listed below have actual documents for people to look at.

Please go to these pisssedconsumer reviews:All of these reviews posted have actual documents that have been uploaded to show people just how EVIL they truly are #520251 #488834 #483913 #483025 #481983 #483913 #479336 & #478478 #522235 #489486 #572301

This bank handles CREDIT cards for hundreds of stores & the stores are just as guilty as the "EVIL CORPORATIONS" they use to manage there credit cards.

If you have a credit card with a store that uses this bank you need to look & see if you have been charged illegally. These are some of the companies that pay these "CROOKS" Lowes, Wal-Mart, Sears you can find out more by going to the Rip-Off Report with the "Rebuttal" from an employee, Number 1140625 this gives a list of some of the stores that have this bank for credit cards. There is also a clip on You Tube or just look for the "Green Snakes" there are three of them

You can file a complaint with The Department of Justice, The Department of Financial Institutions or as I like to say The Confused Financial Pissonyou Bureau (The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) The Comp Controller of Currency & The Federal Trade Commission, What ever you do DO NOT file with the BBB they are paid good money to keep those "A's" for the companies that pay them.

Did you know that Pay Pal, GE Money Bank, GE Capital Retail Bank, GE Capital Retail Money Bank which all start with the letter "G" the new name is Synchrony Bank now are trying to get "Class Action Lawsuits” BANNED!


As an ex Wal-Mart employee i advise you to call the corporate office and report it immediately! As a cashier, youre not allowed to stay with the customers card even if it is expired. We are to hand it back to the customer and ask if they have another type ofpayment.


Report the employee! That is absolutely wrong and a form of theft!

It is not their place especially a credit card since you were probably sent a new one with the same credit card number but a new expiration date.

Employees should never steal a expired card or drivers license. REPORT THIS ASAP TO CORPORATE!


I can't believe that also happened to you! My husband and I had the same thing happen to us recently with the same results!

We insisted they cut and return the card to us to which they said "NO". Well that set my Husband off and we were escorted out by security. We had "MANNERS" until we were given rudeness for no reason when asked to explain themselves. How does it work?

We called our Mastercard Centre and were told the same as you. WTF?!?