Midlothian, Virginia

Walmart have the worst staffing of any retailer I have ever experienced. I stopped to pick up some grocery on my way home and spent 20 doing my shopping and 50 minutes (YES 50 MINUTES) waiting in a checkout line.

While waiting in line I went to the customer service counter and asked to speak with a manager, explained the situation. They only had 2 express and three regular cash registers open. The manager replaced one of the cashiers instead of opening another register. He explained they were short staffed because they allowed employee to leave earlier because it was snowing.

By the time I got home my frozen foods had thawed and my hot food (fried chicken) was cold. I think it's very interesting that they are concerned about their employee safety but don't care at all about their customer's safety. Had I been able to get to the store prior to today, I would have. This is not the first time I have experienced a staffing issue, it's a regular occurrence and complaining does absolutely no good.

I have price shopped another store for the same items and it was only a couple of dollars higher so I think I have shopped at Walmart for the last time. Waiting 50 minutes to purchase 26 items is outrageous!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Chicken.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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What's really OUTRAGEOUS is you going to the store in a blizzard and excepting a full staff! 5 registers open and still a hour wait?

I find your story hard to believe. It was probably more of a 5 minute wait but Mr.

Special Snowflake over here didn't want to wait. If complaining does no good, then why do you continue to do it?


Riiiiiight because those groceries you got I'm sure were SO vital to your bare cabinet that you risk your safety in nasty weather. You ddon't care about customer saftey....newsflash cupcake noone cares about your pampered *** standing in a line when you should have stayed home. Do the employees and the road security a favor and stay off the road...dingbat!


Don't forget you are the one that choose to "endanger" yourself and go shopping on a snow day. Their lives are just as important as yours. If complaining does not good why do you return?


This is WalMart. Why would you wait in line for 50 minutes, anyway.

Go to another store.

Bottom line is that WalMart really doesn't care. We stopped shopping at Walmart years ago when we finally got tired of long lines, rude employees, unkempt employees and lack of stocking shelves.