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Today I purchased a ring at the Walmart in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.It had a sale sticker on it for $98.

After taking the tag off at home, I lifted the sale sticker, curious of what the regular price was. The original tag says $88. I can't explain how disgusted I was with walmart. It's bad enough you have raped Americans of jobs by purchasing all the goods you sell from overseas, but now you are going to start raping the customers who keep you in business?

I don't have an issue with the price, money is not the issue. But for a company that was founded by such a patriotic man to have sunk into such a slum hole that you mark UP sale items to deceive customers into thinking they are saving a dollar is beyond pathetic.

I don't care about your prices or one stop convenience, if something is not done to satisfy the morbid disgust I have for your corporation at this time, I will make it my personal mission to broadcast your disgusting little schemes.You and everyone affiliated with you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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Polson, Montana, United States #1285039

I agree totally...Walmart was founded on " Buy American, Buy Walmart".

Now you couldn't find an American made product in the store. Walmart Money Card's Customer Service is a 3rd party in a foreign country.

It's shocking that a company established on patriotism has moved so far away from supporting the country & the people who made them.

We should support the companies that support this country and its people.If we don't support our country and purchase American made products and employ American people, who will?

to Txsgroovey Naples, Florida, United States #1286523

I get so sick of hearing about the lack of American made products in Walmart as though Walmart is the only store that sells other than American made.Guess what genius?

Very little is manufactured here anymore. Guess what else?

Every freaking store sells other than American made.Get over your Walmart hate and find something else to *** about.

Vermilion, Ohio, United States #1264059

You obviously have a political problem with Walmart, so why are you even shopping there? As far as the disguised price, a smart shopper pays what he or she believes the fair market value of the item is; or better yet, what it is worth to them. Did you buy the ring because you really wanted it and thought it was a fair price, or did you buy it because you thought you were getting a "steal?" Let the buyer beware!

Anderson, Indiana, United States #1260687

I can't explain how disgusted I am that you think it is appropriate to use rape in such a way...You deserve to be screwed over.

Use rape when it actually happens...

Not to convey your disappointment...YOU should be ashamed of yourself.

to iGotJams Fullerton, California, United States #1264075

I agree this is just as bad as people calling people Nazi's when they are wronged.

Naples, Florida, United States #1254010

The price could have changed several times before the clearance sticker was ever put on it.Clearance stickers get applied when the item is clearanced out.

No longer on the modular. Not going to be sold anymore.

Get it?

Besides, what do you care what the original price was?You thought $98 was a good enough deal to buy it.

Desoto, Texas, United States #1200596

you know how bad they are yet you keep shopping there!!! You have no room to complain if you are the one that keeps coming back time after time. Seriously stop shopping there or shut up!!


The ring may have originally been $88, but in the time it has sat in the store the price could have fluctuated up and down several times.For example: the ring came in at $88 in January.

In February there was a price change taking it down to $80. It didn't sell and in March it went back up to $88. Then in April there was a price change up to $98.

It then went up to $100, then it came back down to $98.So the clearance price then would have been on $100, not $88.

Oceanside, California, United States #1165602

Wow! You got bad dunk ka dunked


Why would anyone buy a cheap ring for $88 when you can get the same/better ring for $98?

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