Mandeville, Louisiana
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In may08 my boyfriend bought me a pair of 14k gold princess cut diamond earrings.He paid nearly $300.00 for them.After a few months they turned black in my ears and got my ears infected.Took them back only to be told I didnt get them there.After several attempts to have them cleaned or fixed I asked for my money back.They wouldnt do anything.This has been going on since march of this year 09.I took them to a jewelers to see if he could do something with them and he told me they werent real gold.But it distinctly says 14k gold on the box.They cant be worn because theyre so ugly now.I didnt ask for my money at first because I love them but now after the way Ive been treated by walmart I want my money back.

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You should always save the receipt for expensive purchases :)


did you have the receipt?


Ah well I'm 12 and my mom and my friend's mom went shopping together and I was there and called her a liar too cuz she thought she was going to steal the shoes she bought JUST because she wanted to take them in the change room cuz you know, what if someone came and took them, right? so she's not a stealer and never was...well..I don't know just tell the boss about it I guess.