North Tonawanda, New York

After reading a sales add from Walmart, I visited the North Tonawanda NY store to purchase some twelve packs of Coca Cola products. They were advertised in the ad at three dollars per twelve pack.

At the checkout, I was charged three-fifty plus deposit. When I disputed this and refused to pay, the manager claimed that there was a sin tax on the pop that I had to pay in addition to the New York state sales tax and can deposit. I have heard of no legislation on this as a state tax and only that New York City was considering it. I left the soda pop on the counter, refusing to accept this.

No other store in our area has created this charge in addition to the advertised price. This is not the first issue that I have had with Walmart Personally, I am done doing business with this store but for those who want to continue shopping there, watch your receipts closely.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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soda pop,alcohol,tobacco,.

Whatever a group feels is a bad habit.A.K.A. SIN TAX.(Legalized stealing)


I stayed in a hotel in Arkansas and was charged a tourism tax when I asked what it was they said Clinton was born near here. I was just passing through from tx to tn, not touring! I am sick of all these *** extra taxes!


It's just like when you purchase an item online from California and if you live in Oregon and pay Tax on that item.It's wrong and illegal but Walmart was one of the first to start that.I went to Niagara Falls Canada some years ago (4-5)to a restaurant and found all these added taxes on my bill.What i ordered was 53.00 and one of the taxes a was a sin tax! was 28 dollars all together burned up around $80.00 It's wrong and in my opinion stealing.But what can you do after they pull this.Just as I did I will no longer go to Canada.It's a s.h.i.t.t.y place anyways.

First B

What the heck is a sin tax?

@First B

A tax you pay for any sins you commit so you don't go to *** when you die. To be honest I don't know what the *** it is either.


Hey I have been to Canada, and they drive better than we do, and well they treat each other better than we do.


Well for starters you don't have to worry about being shot if you cut someone off or look at them funny.