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Actually your light being off does mean your closed. And you should care if a person gets fired its Rude *** customers like you who make people's job awful and regardless of whether you like it or not they have meetings to attend and have scheduled times to go home like you thats even if you work.

And frankly I would personally love to know where half of ignorant *** customers like you work so I could come to your Job and show my ***.

Ps nobody Gives a darn either if your on your lunch break just to add that fact to any Wal-Mart shoppers who this may apply too. Use your common sense and shop when your off work which the way half of you complain and have three buggys full if seafood and steak and a food stamp card with 900 dollars on it that my hard earned money I make to put up with your disrespectful *** pays for

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I totally agree with this . I have worked in customer service all my life and I have come to hate people in general because of the *** that you have to deal with. I always try to be nice when i am the customer because I understand .

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