Brunswick, Maine

I was in Walmart tonight to buy a controler for my ps3 in the electrical department and I waited 20 mins for help to purchase the controler. When I finally asked someone for help a short girl with glasses and short hair appeared and was talking about a cell phone with a customer, I then asked if there was anyone else that could help me, she rudely said no and went back to selling the phone.

I felt bullied by the girl and I felt she was rude to me for no reason.

7/15/2014 is the night it happened, after she rudley replied I left as I felt like a burdon to her and I felt like I was bothering her. So I guess i will not be buying anymore electronics from Walmart :( I wish walmart employees were nicer.

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Yeah, she should have dropped what she was doing just to help you instead because you're more important than other customers. Also, this way you could still complain because you always need something to complain about.

You could complain about how she just stopped helping another customer. You're complaining just for the sake of complaining.

Suck it up and wait your turn just like the other customer did.


She is talking to someone else and you interrupt and you have the nerve to call her a girl? You are the one that acted like six year old girl.

How were you bullied by her. If you felt you were bullied because you had to wait your turn then you have issues. The employees would be nicer if you had waited your turn like an adult. Perhaps you were rude in your approach?

Maybe the customer who you interrupted felt bullied by you.

Maybe she felt bullied by you. You cannot always have your way, if you are not six years old grow up and wait your turn.


So you wanted her to abandon her customer she was already helping to help you instead? That sounds logical.

Continueing to help her customer is not rude. Next time wait your turn patiently like everyone else.

Its not like she was standing around doing nothing and refused to help you, she was doing her job. Maybe next time you should bring your red carpet with you so everyone will know you are more important thanks they are.

First B

Her red carpet could be in the wash like mine, but I still have my crown. Will that count for me being more important than anyone else.

@First B

Yup, all the other customers should jump out of the way and the associates should like up to kiss your *** your highness. ;-) lol.

First B

Yep that is the way it should be and if not "off with their heads."

I have to agree with the others on a serious not however the OP seems to have a hard time waiting her turn.