I was walking out of walmart, on peterscreek, in winstonsalem,nc on 10-17-14. The door greeter stopped me and wanted to see my bag with my purchase.

The scanner peeped as I was going out. It always does and coming in. I asked did she want me to go back thru? She flung her arm out and said no, it will peep again.

I said I don't have anything on me, do you want me to go back thru? Again she flung her arm out and said no, it will peep again. She said to just go on. She was rude and loud.

I did not appreciate the way she treated me. I called the manager.

The manager said that was her job. So I guess her job is to be rude.

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These door scanners seem to be constantly going off whether something is in your pockets or not. It seriously makes me wonder if they've hired some joker in Security for the sole purpose of making the alarm go off deliberately just to *** people off.

One time the *** scanner went off when I had nothing on me but a bunch of pocket lint. I jokingly said to the greeter "Guess I'd better return this pocket lint to you, your scanner seems to think I stole it." I had the woman in stitches for some time before she finally explained to me how it's always going off. Sounds like Walmart won't even spend money when it helps themselves.

But back to the topic at hand, yes it is technically the door greeter's job to stop customers when the scanners go off.

Most rarely do it though, because there's so many false alarms it's really pointless. You got stopped by someone who was doing it "just in case." It's always the safest bet.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous #887258

I don't think that they are making the alarm go deliberately, they are either messed up or someone is walking by with one of those tag things.


You should have flung your arms out and got rude and loud by mocking her. Maybe then she would have realized show she/looked sounded.


How was she rude? Did she hit you when she flung her arm out?

There are a lot of people that use hand and arm motions/gestures while they talk. It's time for you to grow up.

to anonymous Toronto, Ontario, Canada #886312

This person is obviously three years old not giving him his way is the same as rude to him. He will grow up, but leave him alone, it is apparent from his behavior he is only three years old. Stop picking on a three year old okay.

to Anonymous #886371

Objecting to rudeness does not make this person immature or 3 years old. I think you are the one that needs to grow up.

to Anonymous #886530

You need to learn how to read, and perhaps you are three, the thing making this person immature is mistaking not getting his way as rudeness. You grow up. Have mommy read the reply to you.

to Anonymous #886849

Like another poster said this was not rudeness, people have different ways of communication, some need to use hand gestures, for him to be intolerant and ignorant with this makes him seem like he has the maturity of a three year old. The person making the comment does not need to grow up, the OP does and possibly you as well for not being able to read the comment for what it said.

He interrupted this as rude, just as someone can interrupt his constant asking if he should to through the door again as rude.

He also seems to have trouble hearing because he asked the same question twice which some people would consider rude. Maybe he is older than three, but it is apparent he is still a child who needs to be supervised while shopping.

to anonymous #889457

Maybe she's just a ***.

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