Ashland, Virginia
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The Walmart in Ashland, VA has the rudest employees out of any walmart I have ever been to. I've lived in 4 states and frequented many different walmarts, but this one is the worst.

The people stocking shelves think that shoppers are bothering them when they need to get down an aisle. They sit there on their fat *** stocking shelves and you have to ask to pass or go around. When you need something they give you a dirty look or say something rude because they actually have to move so you can get to the shelf. I've gone through the lines to pay and had numerous cashiers not say a single word to me.

And then they ask me to pick up my heavy stuff again so they don't have to bend down to scan it. The deli takes the cake though.

I walk up to it and the woman says, "What chew want?" Classy.

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The cashiers are paid to cash you out not chit chat. You seem rude by your review.

Perhaps you would not be so desperate to have someone to talk to(the cashiers) if you had friends. You can make friends by changing your arrogant attitude.


How about a receiving clerk saying she wants to punch your face for asking what kind of mood she is in


how does someone sit and stock shelves at the same time??? :grin


I am a department manager, and by the same token, when I am stocking my shelves, why is it that customers feel the need to make me move from what I am doing so they can go down an aisle that they do not want anything off of???

As for the cashiers, do you bother speaking to them? Politeness and good manners goes both ways.

We get the snow birds here and the rudest people are the ones who only come for the winter.

I am your server, NOT YOUR SERVANT or your slave. Treat me with respect, and you will get respect.


You say you are a department manager, did you forget to take your customer service classes?!!!!!!!! Sounds like you need a refresher course.

For one thing you are NEVER to block an aisle unless there is a spill or hazzard. I am a walmart employee also and living in the south. I started out as a cashier also and have moved my way up the retail chain. It is the employees' job to greet and assit guests.

I can not believe you are so judgemental and discriminating. You couldn't be more wrong about the snow birds as you call them they are some of the nicest people I see. Happy to be in the warmer climates this time of year. Oh, did I mention I am from the north!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope and pray you think before you speek, present yourself in a better way daily than you did here and have a better day at work. I will pray for you, sincerly and God Bless you and your family


I think it is you who forgot to take your people skills, this is why you have no friends and are so desperate for a conversation that you get hurt if the cashier does not speak with you. You are being just as judgmental.


And of course you are perfect. I have yet to see a stocker in any store sitting on the job, and even if they did there is absolutely no reason for you to refer to them as fat, even if they actually were. Just by you doing that shows your lack of class, and therefore maybe your actions bring out the attitude you say you receive.