Philadelphia, Mississippi

I brought my volvo into walmart for a routine oil change. While I was there I noticed there was three guys looking under the hood.Later there was six I ask one of the "technitions" if there was something wrong he said no.

I noticed there was no way to get under the car, which would have to be done in order to change the filter. They assured me everything was fine and I left because I was late and the service was so slow. I noticed that my car started to lose oil, which had never happened before. A few days more of driving it and it started to make a noise.

I checked the stick and it was dry. When walmart came out to look at it they said a line wa leaking ,which was true, but it was next to the filter. They denied any fault. I had a mechanic come and replaced the line, we filled it full of oil, and it only made it about five miles before the engine locked up.

I called the store manager and he also denied ay wrong doing.When I asked him to see the store video he said No,I can,t do that. I know from talking to Volo Techs that there is no way this line cracked.

It is metal, by the way. In short I,m out of a very expensive vehicle and I don,t know what recourse I have against the "Arkansaw Mafia".

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

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I completely agree, Walmart is no way to a Volvo. But I would contact an attorney & the local news station. :(


Sir, why would you even CONSIDER taking a fine automobile like a Volvo to Wal-Mart for ANY type of service? Seriously, I would not even take a '74 Gremlin there for ANYTHING!

Because if there's a way for Wal-Mart Tire & Lube Express to **** it up.

they WILL find a way to **** it up even if it takes every "technician" in the shop to figure out a way to do it. Again, in all seriousness, I would pay the couple of bucks more and take it to the Volvo dealer next time and have it done right.