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Wal-Mart ruined Christmas for my family. On December 10, 2011 I ordered a television for my son online from It was guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas. The money came out of my checking account immediately and I tracked the order everyday on the FedEx website, hoping it didn't get delivered when my son was home. The only thing that he asked Santa for was a television. My husband and I didn't think that we would be able to afford it but we were able to save up enough just in time. I had bought him a hat, gloves and boots prior to ordering the television, things he needed, but not exactly what a child wants to open on Christmas morning. I paced by the door daily knowing that I would need to be sneaky when the FedEx truck showed up….. The truck never showed up. I couldn't wait until Christmas morning to see his face. It had been a rough year for us.

On December 23, 2011 I called FedEx in a panic… this literally was the only thing my son was getting for Christmas! Where could it possibly be? The FedEx employee told me that Wal-Mart had generated a tracking number with them but never gave them the television to deliver. I immediately called Wal-Mart. It took about thirty minutes of me being on hold before I finally spoke to a live person. I explained my situation to the lady, by this time I was in tears. After doing her research she retuned to the phone only to tell me that the order for my television had been "misplaced". She offered an apology and told me she would be happy to re-order the television for me however it would not be delivered until January. WHAT?????? By this time I was hysterical!!! My son would be waking up Christmas morning only to open a pair of gloves!!! It gets better…. She then told me that rather than re-ordering the television she could credit my checking account but the money would not be available until 5-10 business days later. So not only was I unable to have the television before Christmas, I wouldn't even have them money to go purchase a television on Christmas Eve! I stayed on the phone long enough to speak to a supervisor, only to be told the same thing. "We are sorry".

My parents drove to my house on Christmas Eve and put their gifts for my son under the Christmas tree so he would have something to open. My husband and I didn't exchange gifts this year so my son's gifts would be the only ones under the tree. I stayed up late Christmas Eve and wrote a letter to him from Santa stating how sorry Santa was for not being able to bring the television because it was too heavy for his sleigh. Christmas morning my son woke up at 5am, as do most children. He ran into our room to wake us up. Of course I cried all night. The first thing he said was "let's go see if he brought my TV because I heard a loud bang in the middle of the night. He probably had trouble getting it inside!" Heart breaking! He searched all over the house for the television only to find an apology letter from Santa.

No family should ever have to go through this. I did what I was supposed to do on my end. I saved my money and ordered it in time for "guaranteed Christmas delivery" as well as track the order daily. Wal-Mart dropped the ball and a child did without on Christmas.

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now did you order from WALMART or did you order from WAYFAIR? because walmart sells wayfair products, and lets wayfair do all of the work.

wayfair (formerly csn stores) is a really *** company that has tons of bad reviews. you either get your product on time or you wait any time from an extra week to a year.

next time just go out and buy it in the store, unlike buying online like a lazy person.

ps-LOL about the jesus comment


I agree but if you want to get something done call 1800 WALMART the actual store can't really do nothing but hopefully this will help and I am really sorry to hear about your sons Christmas I hope you get everything straightened out.


I can't believe you 2 people (comments from ??? and Ruined Christmas?)!!!

This poor little child didn't get the ONLY thing he wanted for Xmas and you chastise the mom? Wal-Mart totally is responsible for this and not her! And, as for telling her son about Jesus, maybe you should read some history. Christmas was a Pagan holiday to celebrate the winter solstice that was usurped by christianity to help them convert Pagans.

But, the real point is that Wal-Mart is a HUGE multi-million dollar corporation that doesn't care that this child's Xmas was ruined, as long as their profit was bigger than last quarter!! I am really sorry that you had to suffer at their hands this year! I grew up very poor, and I can tell you that when your son grows up, he will remember the good things you did for him. And, how hard you tried to give him all the things he wanted.

I do agree that you should call Wal-Mart back and speak directly to a TOP supervisor and DEMAND a gift card or discount for all the anguish they caused you and your child this holiday! Take care!


You would think if you were tracking it every day you would have notice the package never moved. You should have questioned it sooner.

Unfortunately things happen.

Your son will get his TV and life will go on. If you understood the true meaning of Christmas you might be able to forgive Walmart for the mistake.


Maybe you should tell your son about Jesus instead of Santa.


Wow! I'm so sorry this happened to you! I would demand a gift card or some kind of discount!