Reston, Virginia

I have attempted to use walmart twice in 2 weeks and will never go back. The first time was to pick up merchandise, no one seemed to be in charge.

They were lazy, disheveled and rude. The next trip was to use generic Rx's. What a joke. They refused to enter the ones I was already taking for drug interaction.

Brought the "form" they said it was a mail in and couldn't take it. Says on the internet bring the form, provide scripts, and then you can mail order. And the language. 3 young workers talked so dirty to each other 2 feet away from me, I almost went after them.

This is not the Walmart I used to go and drop $100/ trip.

I picked up my package, took back my scripts and will NEVER go back.

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That is not true I work at wal-mart and my favourite word is ***.


Jason, I would go with the not knowing how to count part. Her wpelling looks okay.


pissedconsumer you either don't know how to spell or count. As you can see I wrote twenty words and they are all spelled correctly so Fu@k you.


Don't mind Jason. He grew up in the ghetto and fu@k is the only word he knows how to spell.


Fu@k is not a good word to use anywhere i was let go for using at a job i was at for 7 1/2 years.


This word is thrown around to much. The senior citizens and children do not have to hear this word ALL the time.

What ever happened to having respect? This is not a word of respect, so it should not be used in the presence of your elders or little kids.


Hey fu@K" is my favorite word too. Don't. What is wrong with it there are many cool and interesting ways you can use it.