I purchased a sony 46" hd tv from walmart and paid for the extended warranty plan after about six months the hdmi ports quit working on my tv and dealing with sony witch is a whole nother story just yesterday they went out again so I called walmart after talking to the eletronics dept I had to call the service plan number and they tell me that they will have to send a tech to my house to check the tv and then order the parts and then they will fix it so that means I will be with out my tv for at least 2 weeks I paid extra for an extended warranty but I am still with out my tv this is poor customer service if i did not get the plan it would be my fault but why should the customer have to suffer without the product I paid for over something that is not my fault I havent been this pissed off since sony did the same thing to me this tv is less than 2 years old and this is the second time this has happend

Monetary Loss: $800.

Location: Greenville, South Carolina

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I was under the impression the Walmart/Asurion plan began coverage for actual repairs at the end of the manufacturers warranty, or for items not normally covered under the manufacturers warranty. This sounds like it was covered under Sony 1 year warranty.

You were frustrated with Sony, so you attempted to claim it under Walmart/Asurion while still under manufacturers warranty. It sounds more like you didn't read your Care Plan policy terms to me. Very rarely does Any warranty cover any manufacturer covered item, while under manufacturers warranty. It sucks that most make it seem that they do, but it is certainly in the terms you can clearly read before purchasing it.

If you don't bother reading the terms before you spend your money, this seems like you need to take responsibility for your own over sight.

And people wonder why I take so freaking long to make a purchasing decision on something. Research, research, research.


Did you bother reading your extended warranty? You will find it says they will REPAIR the TV, to replace it.

That takes at least one service call and more than likely a second as there is no way a technician can carry every possible part to fix a TV. You should be glad you are not paying full price for the repair or for an new TV.


This is a shame I need to call 7 on your side where I'm from Oakland,Ca


Wal-mart extened warranty is just ***..I've been fighting with these *** for 3 weeks. Talked with 2 different stupidvisors...BOTH said they will cover the part and fix my t.v.

So far nothing . I'm so pissed off ...and guess what..I believe they just give people the run around until you just give up.. I've learned my lesson..*** wal-mart and the junk they sell.

Diffently *** there extended warranty. Square trade from amazon always ..always does a super job ..I should have know..


What ever you do, do not purchase the product protection plans from Walmart they are a fraud. Walmart will not honor the plan you purchase if the manufacturer covers the product.

Almost every product Walmart sells is cover by a manufacturers warranty for duration of the plan you purchase.

So instead of your product being replaced per the warranty that was purchased you have to deal with the manufacturer giving you the runaround.



I have yet to see anyone dare to hold up the line at Walmart to read the fine print on the extended warranty when it is offered.

I have shopped at Walmart since the number of stores could be counted on the fingers of one hand and grew up near the home office. Until recently, you could always return something that did not work to the store and either get an immediate replacement or a cash refund.

We recently had something go out while under warranty and were refused, for the first time in decades of being customers.

It is outrageous for the wronged party to have to pack up an item, drive into the city to ship it UPS, and wait, wait, wait-----how much longer??---for the Walmart gift card to come with which you can only get another replacement from Walmart. Nice racket.

Concern for customer satisfaction is now dead. We have a couple more items under Walmart warranties, but will no longer buy products there if we need a warranty. The hassle and inconvenience is not acceptable.

I am now regretting that I recently bought a vacuum cleaner and warranty there.

What if I were having to pack up a vacuum, and do WITHOUT ONE while waiting on the excruciatingly slow hassle. You Walmart trolls who think people like me are whining aren't old enough to remember when customer service and satisfaction MEANT the customer was to be satisfied, at ONCE.


Get off the couch. You will survive without tv for a little while.

Read the warranty thoroughly next time.

Quit whining....


How bout you shut your mouth troll. We are on here discussing the problems of Walmart service plans.

How did you even get here ?

Why are you on this page ? Did you research tv failures and was like oh I'm gonna flap my jaws with a irrelevant point.


first off how do you expect the technician to fix it if they do not check it out first? They need to see whats wrong so they can get the correct parts God for bid you don't have your tv for a few weeks!


Your extended plan takes effect Year 2. Sony is responsible in year 1.

The fact that parts may take 2 weeks to get is normal. Any "extended" warranty is just that - it's beyond the mfr warranty.

Other poster are correct, Walmart doesn't handle it, a 3rd party does. You really expect a Walmart store to adinister TV repair?

Also, the there is NO extended plan that GUARANTEES fast service; there is no such clause.


crymore wah trololl



We are the company who administers Walmart's Product Care Plan. We want to make sure you're receiving the best possible experience.

Please email us at help@***.com with your name and the phone number you used to register your claim.

We'd like to reach out to you. Thanks.


Not happy with your service at Walmart, contact MrsLea01. Her husband is a big shot janitor there and can get them fired for displeasing you.


Extended service plan is not worth the paper its written on . I bought 2 TVs from WalMart One was a Polaroid , they are bad TVs lasted 2 years and i threw it in the trash .

The one i am using now is a Sanyo I've had it a year if it goes out i will toss it too .

Sanyo's are pretty good TVS i had one for 15 years and it went up in smoke one day while watching . There was an article i read somewhere on the net that said not to waste your money on extended warranties .


Everytime I get something of value, I purchase the extend warranty plan from Walmart. I have never had an issue with small things, when my sons brakes on his bike stopped working I call the warranty number and they said it would cost them alot for me to ship it back so they were just going to issue me a refund.

Now the refund was for only $65.00 but I had it in 48 hours, the same with our band hero, when the drums went out they also issued me a refund, but because I had lost the card that came with the pamphlet they mailed me a check for $75.00 which took a month but that was fine as well. However when the tv/cd player that I paid $250.00 for begun to freeze up and I called them for that, they told me I had to take the deck out so they can look at it at the service department. I was a little pissed because I had paid to have it installed through best buy.

However they were willing to fix it, replace it, or refund me if broken, I was just angry because when I took it to the service dept they told me I would have to pay them $75.00 to remove it for me, now that was bull. I am not sure why you are having an issue but the problem can be fixed, I just believe that depending on the price they try to fix instead of refund, but I don't see a problem with that


The extended service plan goes into effect when the manufactures warranty goes out. Your receipt has the number and website on it and states that you get in touch with them if you have problems during the time you have the plan.

You should have also gotten a pamphlet with this info as well. Walmart is only responsible for the tv for 90 days from date of purchase.


I don't understand. You paid for a service plan that allows for your TV to be fixed for free while covered.

Your TV broke and they're fixing it.

What's the problem? If you didn't like the terms of the plan, why did you buy it?

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