Tarpon Springs, Florida

I have purchased several so called extended warranties from Walmart. They have been for tire and battery service and for other products.

The issue that I have with their warranties is that when you need to use them they are always trying to find a way to void the extended warranty. This right now is what a mattress company tries to do when you attempt to use your warrantee. If by chance you get some dirt on you mattress while moving it YOU VOID the warrantee. Walmart is always trying to find a reason to void their extended warrantee.

My advice save your money. Right now they have lost me as a electronic and auto customer.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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In my experience, extended warranties are terrible investments. Mfg warranties are designed to cover the normal of the life-cycle of the item - again useless unless the item is defective.


The extended warranty you purchased is NOT governed by Walmart, it is actually through a company called Asurion. Asurion is also used by Verizon, Amazon and a number of larger corporations.

As for batteries, I think you are mistaken.

There is no EverStart Warranty through Asurion. Batteries have their own warranty that may or may not include proration.

Sounds like this is a case of incomprehension on your part.