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Walmart almost framed us for robbery and almost got us killed . Walmart almost had us arrested jailed and/or killed for a simple return.

My husband and I with our three small children went to Walmart one night to do a simple return/refund on an online order. My husband was trying to return the item while I went shopping. He then came back to me upset because the female worker made a snide comment saying that he was trying to pull a scam on them. It was an online order that Walmart had made a major mistake on.

They sent us the wrong amount, and over charged us a lot. We went to talk to her and my husband wanted an apology. She said that it was probably our fault because of boxes and shipping . Something that didn't make too much sense.

Then an assistant manager pushed a cart between her and I and remained planted there with the (money) cart for the entire time remaining. He stood there glaring at me like he wanted to kill me. She then got frustrated and then , out of the blue ,all of the sudden ,said I'm calling the police. My husband and I did nothing to deserve that.

We just moved into the area a little over a year. I have never seen nor spoken to either of these people and didn't know why they were angry and the man was glaring at me. My husband spoke to them before but I never saw them before. I am Asian and my husband is white and we live near this store in Rensselaer Indiana, a predominantly white farming community.

Then the man said , call the police, and my husband then said, ' let's go'. They never told us to leave. We just decided to leave on our own volition. My husband left first and I then followed.

We only went into the store once and left the store only once. I didn't know if they called the police, and if they did call the police, what they said to the police. Meanwhile, we left Walmart in our car to go to another store, for groceries. My husband parked the car and noticed a police car behind us.

He then went out of the car to speak with them. One of the two police officers approached the van at one time with his hand on his gun. I then went out and spoke with them also and one of them said something about that there were thefts at Walmart. At the time I didn't know what that had to do with us when he said that.

Then because we were so upset at the injustice of it all we went home. The next day we paid for the police report and were shocked. The female employee had called and told the police that we were going in and out of the store and going near and nearer to the money cart every time we went into and out of the store multiple times. She also told the police that she told us to leave many times.

She made it look like my husband and I and especially I was in the store to rob their money cart. Now I understood why the police approached our car with the gun. Somebody in our family could have been shot . They lied to the police, so that they could get us out of the store ,and have us arrested,.at the least.

And I guess their message to us was, we were not welcome in their store and they did not want us back there ever again. Since I didn't know these people and They didn't know me, I am assuming they did not like me because I was Asian and my husband white. By the way the video, if they don't erase it first, should show that the assistant manager pushed the cart inches from me, between the female Walmart work and I and just left it there inches from me. He then stood there with the cart right next to me for the entire time.

They are horrible liars and wanted to put us in jail because they didn't like us. They are the real criminals.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Defamation of character and false police report.

  • Racist Lying Walmart Employees
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Ignorant Walmart employees? Wow, how unbelievable!


Well---now you know the caliber of employees at many Walmart stores. The "best and brightest" need not apply.


Maybe you should look at how your actions looked to others. Just because YOU SAY that you were doing a return doesn't make it the truth.

YOU PERSONALY would lie and steal if YOU thought you could get away with it. Don't lie, you're female and you know you use your purse to rob stores blind so you can't play the victim when you have been a thief all your life. To the employees who's job it is to ensure the safety of that money you looked like you were going to attempt to steal it. Even touching a money cart is enough to get you arrested.

So how many times did you go back and simply touch the cash cart? Firstly, you wouldn't go into a STORE for online customer service. That is separate from Wally worlds stores, so not only does the situation look fishy it sounds fishy. Then you keep PHYSICALLY TOUCHING THE CASH CART!

Sounds like a pure fabrication on your part. Sorry but ANY ADULT should have been taught early on, you don't screw with people's kids or money.

YOU were screwing with their money. And you were attempting a scam return during it.

to Anonymous #1370527

A Walmart Asset Protection Manager was personally assigned by the President of Walmart to deal with our complaint. This person reviewed the video evidence,the police report and also spoke with both sides.

This person told me in a conversation following the investigation, that that Walmart employee should have opened the cash register and processed the refund. They also said that the police should not have been called.


I am a conservative Republican and didn't expect anything like this to ever happen to me. I thought this only happened in novels or movies.

What I wrote is all true. I'm shocked myself at what happened there and am still very upset.


YAWN...I'm sleepy now after reading this bedtime story.


I can believe I. Some people are racist douches.


Highly unlikely! You enjoy writing lies and fairy tales?????????????????

to Anonymous #1362842

it's true. I have the police report to prove it.


This sounds like a bunch of baloney,I highly highly doubt this happened,why don't you quit lying

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