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Walmart's store greeters now hold you hostage at the front door while they check your prices before you are allowed to do a return. No matter if you have prices affixed and a sales slip. No matter if the price their machine comes up does not match what you paid.

I have contacted managers and the Home Office and am told this is to "save us time" but it doesn't. If you are doing a money gram, however, or if you choose to ignore the store greeter you are granted front-of-the-line-access because Customer Service helps you anyway. Instead of making one *** line to at least keep you in the order in which you entered the store, they have created customer conflicts with each other. Those who are stopped are forced to have all items re-ticketed with a new yellow tag. Then you have to wait while the customer service representative peels it off and finally processes your return.

This new policy does not work. They should simply have a person check prices as you stand in line if they feel this will help. That way the money gram people must wait like everyone else. Wal-Mart does not care.

I no longer buy anything that may require a return. Interestingly, I have checked a couple Wal-Marts in more affluent areas and they aren't doing this though Wal-Mart says it is a company-wide policy. Speak up people!1

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By the way, I also won't stop for that same greeter who demands he see the sales slip for the merchandise I just paid for. If they believe someone has shoplifted, call the authorities.

Otherwise, there is no legal basis for detaining them. This is one they only seem to pull out of their hats when it's busy.


Uhm ... I'm not walking from the back of the store with a sack full of merchandise.

I'm coming in the front door, passing a greeter who greets me, and going directly to the return desk, five feet from the greeter. He can hand me a ticket if he wants, to insure he saw me enter with a bag (they used to stick a sticker on your return to prove you entered with the merchandise) or he can walk the 5 feet with me and maul my stuff while I'm waiting in line.

I don't care what he does, as long as I'm not pulled out of that line to wait while he (or she!) prints up new tickets for everything while others who don't want to wait behind me to do the same thing jump on ahead. Not a big deal, really, I continue to contend the greeter should simply be relocated if they want them to check returns rather than greet.


it keeps track of the merchandise cuz if you walked in the store with a bag and they didnt know how many items you had and you looked like you were taking something they have every right to pull you in for shoplifting...


That kind of thing is impossible to stop - particularly if you are relying on the store greeters to pull aside every single person entering a Walmart store with a return. I stand by my original assertion: Set up a person near the return line if you must, but don't make me wait at the front door while the now-busy greeter is pawing over my items, taking his/her attention away from the other people sneaking by me in line.

If I stop, someone else always gets ahead of me - sometimes several people who are also not aware of this policy. It's NOT posted, it's NOT clear, and it's NOT followed in every Walmart store. If you appear at the return desk without a sticker on your merchandise, they don't care at all - they return without a blink of an eye. So I say again, sit the Walmart greeter police near the return line if you must -but don't expect me to stop when you start calling me.

You can join me while I wait in line and do whatever your little heart desires with your price-checker gun that spits yellow stickers. Just don't tell me to get out of line to do it. I will demand a manager and I will not comply.

Simple. Simpler still, shop elsewhere.


this policy is to help people who get things off the shelf and go right to the service desk to return a product that they did not puchase if you have a sticker when you come in then they know you brought it in with you it is to keep prices down for the comsumers that shop there


To gagirl ...

Huh? Hostility?

I have never been hostile to a Customer Service Clerk in my life. This thread was about the policy of having th stop and have your items scrutinized just to be allowed into the return line (and those that don't stop while you are being check out thus allowing them to cut in front of you in line.) That part of Walmart's return policy is certainly NOT posted anywhere. There is no indication that you are supposed to do it unless you hear a Walmart greeter screaming at you to come to them instead of the return line. I have drastically switched my shopping to other stores - hardly ever walk into a Walmart anymore.

I'm much happier. :o)


First and foremost, at all Customer Service stations in Walmart stores there is a sign posted right behind the cashiers where any and all can see that clearly states the Return Policy of Walmart. It is also stated on the bottome of your receipt.

If you can't read these two items, then there is no need for the hostility towards the associates that are servicing you.

Another thing, when in doubt ask! It's not rocket science people.


Despite my intense dislike of the "we have to scan your item in a line at the door so you can then wait in another line at the customer service desk", Wal-Mart has a very liberal return policy otherwise. I have never seen them refuse a return within their 90 day return policy unless it is a seasonal item being returned out of season (Halloween stuff after Halloween, for example.) In my state, any store MUST give you a return on a defective item because all merchandise must be sold with the intent of it actually being able to be used.

Check with the Attorney General's office in your state to see their policy on defective air mattresses. Wal-Mart doesn't usually care if the item is opened - never have I seen that.


They do have a bad return policy. I recently bought an air mattress from Wal-mart.

It was defective and so I tried to get a refund. I had the original box and the receipt. When I got to the Customer Service counter, I was told I could not get a refund because in order to get a refund you had to return the box unopened, have your receipt and return it within 14 days. I had all of these except I had opened the box.

Could somebody explain how you would know the mattress is defective if you don't open it? The customer service person was very rude and had to dig up a sign with the "return policy". I just do not understand why I can't return something and receive a refund if I have the receipt, return it within 14 days and have the product in the box.

How are you supposed to know an air mattress is defective if you don't open the box and check it out. We spoke to the Customer Service Manager and the Assistant Store Manager who just kept saying it had to be unopened.


My original complaint was not so much that I was being checked, but that I was forced to be pulled out of line to do so. The one line policy doesn't apply until you have waited eons to have those little yellow stickers printed and stuck on your items.

If you read my original post, I suggested one *** line but check my items while I'm in it so others don't cut in front of me.

Anyway - this policy has proven way too difficult for my local Walmarts, as I suspected it would. Greeters are back to greeting and we are no longer being held accountable for the dishonesty of others.


"You let the shoplifters go - why should we suffer for that."

Yeah, but we didn't create the shoplifters. When someone shoplifts, they take from our salary and your salary as well. We're not checking prices, we're making the sticker labels match with the item being returned.


I am a Customer Service Manager at a Wal-Mart supercenter. We are extrememly busy, and I understand that you don't want to wait in line to get your sticker.

Our people greets are (for the most part) old adults, one in his 90's, so yeah, they have a hard time learning how to scan the item and print the sticker. What Bobo said is correct, the stickers are supposed to take the place of the little pink return stickers. Being more specific, these yellow labels show what item is being returned. This helps cut down on theft big time.

I've witnessed a couple walk in with an umbrella, take their pink sticker off that and put it on one of the $400 Dyson Vacuum cleaners and try to return that saying "We got it as a house warming gift and we already have one." So yeah, I know it's kind of frustrating to wait at the door for a minute or two, but cutting down theft helps Wal-Mart keep low prices so you and I can continue to shop (and/or work) there.

As far as the lines at the customer service desk, we implemented a "1 line" strategy. Everybody gets in the same line, and when the next associate is ready, they will help that customer. I'm sorry you have had some bad experiences, but if you were to visit MY Wal-Mart, I do my best (as do most of my fellow associates) to ensure that everybody has a positive experience.

Have a good day! :)


I bought a string trimmer, damaged out of the box. I did not see the damage untill I added fuel to the unit and attempted to use it.

I brought the unit, box, recipt back. The entire process took less than 30 minutes from purchase to return. It took longer to go through the process of returning it. I was offered another unit after being accused of throwing the unit to cause the damage.

Those outside lawn and garden guys have so much skill to deturmine cause of damage. I picked up the second unit and noticed the box crushed. Guess what, same damage to the second unit.

Maybe wal mart should train there staff that no everyone is out to get them. At any rate, I'm happy with the unit I baught at Home Depot and I'm sure wal mart quickly rushed my damaged unit back to the shelf to sale again.


BOBO If you hadn't given a green light to shoplifters you could cut down on shoplifting. I have seen items being stolen and Walmart will not take any action, and these thieves were not elderly proverty level people taking much needed medicine or food. I guess you figure let themsteal the product - but not at retail.

There is a community nearby that has such high levels of theft in the Super Walmart that it doesn't stay open 24/7 like the others I shop at.

You let the shoplifters go - why should we suffer for that.


actually we are not checking prices this is to stop people from going into the store and trying to return merchandise that is taken off the shelves. If you want to be pissed at someone be pissed at the thieves that make this necessary