I've been checking out the Walmart complaints lately, and I've noticed that almost ALL of them have comments written right after, claiming to have been posted by the OP as an after thought.

Now let me explain something I learned recently. Apparently, some companies will hire people to go online and say good things about them. You know, give positive reviews certain places, just hype them up in general. Usually, this is done under the guise of being a consumer. These employees also defend the company to negative online posts.

After reading a bunch of legit complaints, followed by an "afterthought" comment of the "OP", saying things like really they were drunk so that's what they REMEMBER happening, or that really they were trying to scam Walmart, but how could Walmart know? I think it's pretty clear what is going on. One of these online make-Walmart-look-good people is pretending to be these posters and making up things to make their complaints look uncredible, and make the OPs look like fools. I do not think this is ethical, or even legal. I think it's rather disgusting and sneaky as well, and not the behavior of an honest company. Take a look for yourself. Someone even caught that happening, and wrote another comment saying the absurd one's weren't them, but the original post was.

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Whoops - add Lowes to the list, too. Man, that CHILD gets around.


Right. This "little girl, Tasha" is a busy little girl.

Check out some of the sites this "child" has been busy working on:

PetLand, Gold's Gym, Safeway Insurance, Smart Sytle, Winn Dixie, Central Transport, Public, Sam's Club, LA Fitness, Macy's, Page Plus Cellular, Target, J.C.Penney, KMart, Sonic, Walgreens, Kaplan University, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Big Lots, Simmons Beautyrest Mattresses, Dominos Pizza, Walmart, Wendy's, Ace Cash Express, Rite Aid, and Majic Jack.

That's just a few I found in a cursory review. Imaging what's not so quickly located.


I'm not sure that Walmart is the perpetrator here. I firmly believe that the controversy benefits Pissedconsumer.com.

Looking around, I have clearly seen that Tasha posts to more sties than a full time employee can do in an eight hour day's work. I don't believe that she is a fourteen year old child because I have continually seen messages containing negative, insulting and accusatory remarks about the OP and other posters, only to fall back on an "innocence" claim that she is only a kid. If she indeed were fourteen, there would be no humanly way possible to skip from site to site with her remarks. I don't believe she is a child, I don't believe she is not employed, and I don't believe that she is necessarily a female.

I believe that this matter should be investigated, too. There is absolutely no way a few children can commandeer an entire website like these children claim they do.


Well thank you Hi, and in support, I appreciate your support. Haha, I'm glad you were able to hold your ground, Hi.

Anyone reading this one can find a prime example of such activity in my complaint/comment thread "I Called The Cops On Walmart. And Won! Sorta.." Read backwards (from the beginning) and watch how I terrorize teh little mites...contains a belly laugh or two and is quite entertaining...Its number 2 on Hot Topics so you know it good...:)

Don't be discouraged...many posters, I believe, post a complaint and then when harassed hit the "panic" button e.g. the report button...I'm sure that if posters stay within the "rules" there is not much PC can do and the complainant gets discouraged, their complaint is trashed, and away they go never to be heard from again...In my case the little punks ran into a superior intellect, got trashed and shredded into little bitty pixels and then ran away like the children they are....


You're probably right, I don't know why I bother replying at all. I suppose it's unrealistic to expect reasoning and logic to actually mean something to anyone. (Not being sarcastic, just saying it like it is...)


@I think- Yes, I am an adult. I am also replying to the countless people who are missing the point/misconstruing what I'm saying/ insulting my intelligence.

So are you though, so I don't really get your point.

If I am stooping to their level, which is a far cry from what is actually happening, I would certainly say you are as well.

I would like for people to actually consider what I'm saying, because I think it confuses a lot of people when an OP has a legit complaint, and then it's followed up with the "OP" saying oh actually they were scamming the company anyway. I don't think one person actually got the gist of my post....


Kevin - I am well aware you are a different Kevin, and never claimed you were the same one. I don't get what your point is.

I'm talking about someone who claimed they were the OP on something and typed the same first and last name as the OP... wtf are you trying to say?


Tasha- How do I not know how to read? Do you mean I don't know how to write? I don't understand what would make you think I can't read, since you posted that before I'd replied to anything in this thread...


Oh, and btw Kevin I think maybe your retarded, because I never thought I was being slandered, so Idk how your pulling that out of your... mouth.

And I never mistook you for any other Kevin or anything. Did you even read the post? I mean seriously, I feel like you read the title and then just started typing random ***.

Tasha: Not even going to lie, you aren't being coherent or following a reasonable logical chain of thought, so I'm not really sure what your saying other than something insulting.

And I have never worked for Walmart. I actually like Walmart fine.


I actually did put SK in the name field, yeah, it was me. And ok fine, maybe it's not illegal I don't know the rules on that sort of thing, but I do know since the internet came out they've been making up all kinds of new rules for that, so I don't think it makes me a 9th grader to suggest it. And obviously, even if it was illegal, no one would do anything about it, I'm not ***. I just thought it was worth saying.

A lot of people seem to think people that post after claiming to be the OP, and saying ridiculous things are actually the OP. I thought that merited clearing up. Am I wrong here?

Maybe it is just some kids, but I was looking at Meijer posts too, and didn't see much of the same so.

To everyone that is acting like the mere idea of this happening is absurd: do some googling, it's not uncommon AT ALL for companies to do that. It's more companies like Lia Sophia or whatever, but it totally happens. So, Idk how old you are if the idea of that happening makes me 5....

Btw, this was my first comment on this post, any others are not by me.

Lol...he's talking about people going to posts and attempting to discredit them...it's obviously happening...you happen to be one of those people....didn't say you were paid...with YOUR level of discourse I doubt they would even allow you to pay them...the fact remains that people like you ARE attempting to discredit legitimate complaints...why doesn't matter and doesn't take away from the fact that it IS happening...and in my case...you lost to a superior intellect...as has "kevin"...so I beg both of you...please come back to my original complaint so that I may ferociously spank you yet again...:)

You said this...

"I can stoop to their level and claim they were fired, a disgruntled employee, or are making the company look bad because they were shoplifting, but I am older than ten and won't stoop to her childish level."

On my complaint you said I was a disgruntled employee...what's your problem? Not "old" enough to remember your last post my illiterate child?...


Good post but perhaps a bit of an over-reaction...same thing happened on my complaint...somebody came on calling people names and generally acting like a fool as if it was me saying it...sounds like kids because any paid writer could do a much job of discrediting the complaints....I see this Tasha person here in a THIRD Walmart thread posting "her" usual nonsense as well....


This is simply not true. Most of the follow-up posts regarding foolish people trying to blame Walmart for their own problems are nothing to do with Walmart.

Follow-up posts by the OP are rare and invariably defending their original writing. Read what I have said before and know that I do not work for Walmart -- don't even go there often.

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