Albuquerque, New Mexico

Walmart needs to stop claiming that they match competitor's prices. They always seem to have an excuse why the price won't be matched.

Won't match per item prices like 4 for a dollar. Won't match Albertson's prices because Albertson's calls their sale prices "rewards" even though no card or membership is required to get the price. Won't match Dollar General because " everything there costs a dollar which it dosen't.

Won't match buy one get one free/ The list goes on. Stop, promoting this lie when you seem to have no intention of honoring the claim.

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listen to me it's a quick need to contact the FTC if more people will complain there can be a class action lawsuit. trust me i have called all over complaining about what happened to me. i was gonna sue but i dont think false advertisement will be heard in court UNLESS more people complain because this is obviously still happening all over!

@FTC cl*** action lawsuit

non-English speaking at Walmart grocery Conroy road in Apopka Vineland road Orlando Florida unable to communicate for locate proper merchandise. Assistant manager on site assisted us to leave the store if unsatisfied note assistant manager name is Cameron.


confused really does sound confused.


I agree with smedrik this is not a case about them lying about how they do their price match this is a case of the OP not knowing how to read and understand simple things that even a six year old can understand.


Price Match has fine print? LOL, Walmart policy changes diapers changed on a baby.

The Walmart in my area only matches advertised prices only (sale items). Reason: too lazy to confirm regular price, that is why you bring sale flyer from another store for the price match. Even though I am Anti-Walmart, they do have the best return policy.

A person returned a 2-year old tv with no fuss! Of course, each store will differ on policy.


Take the time to read thier price match policy. All of the exclusions you have mentioned are outlined in thier posted price match guarantee.

They are no being deceptive in the least. what is excluded from the price match policy is information made available to any anybody who asks or looks


Ofcourse nikalseyn will deter you from shopping at WM because she was caught stealing and got fired for shoplifting a pen.(read her review and you will see.) Also they have every right to not match their price. They have stated this on their website and since you "forgot" to mention this it is you who is a liar.


you're a ***. Walmart matches PRICES NOT PROMOTIONS!

how do you expect them to match buy one get one free?? they probably can't override something to make it free. and they can't match a rebate either because it's nit like they can make the rebate magically appear for you.

*** loser. shop at one store instead of obsessing over rebates.

John N

It's always best to NOT shop at WalMart anyway. Some everyday prices are lower than other stores, but if you watch sales and clearances, WalMart is higher.

Shop at Meijer if you have one in your area. Friendlier people at Meijer who don't mess themselves when asked a question.