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I have been a Walmart customer for many years, and just recently I tried to return some Halloween items (with a receipt) because I ended up not needing them. The items were unopened/unused and I had a receipt, so what was the problem?

I was told that since they were "seasonal items", they would not refund me my money (even with a receipt showing how much I had paid).

I love how they state "Your satisfaction is important to us", and then pull this *** move. REALLY?! You guys don't give a *** about our satisfaction, you just post BS words that you don't follow, and we consumers just have to accept this?


I will not be shopping at Walmart in the future, and will be telling others about my dissatisfaction with Walmart's policies. Plus, my brother-in-law worked at Walmart, and he says everyone there has a *** attitude (most of them HATE working there!)

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That policy does not exist. It's only in some ***'s head!

I just had the same experience and challenged the store manager to supply me with a copy. He tried and couldn't so he had to do the price adjustment that I requested.


Walmart foos


I had that same issue today with unused halloween costume. They told me that was a seasonal item so it could not be returned.

So the manager came to the counter and I told her to show me the store's policy that's says that. She couldn't find one and they had to refund my money.



People like YOU are the reason others can't return seasonal items after the holiday. Because low life people like you abuse the return system.


How would I know you are a woman?

Judging by the rest of you comment, you made the whole thing up. I hope you enjoy the attention you are so despretley needing.


Simon, you are obviously a man by your name. Does it make you feel like a man to pick on women. You are a coward for picking on women. Leave me alone.

Also I don't care about their policy. The fact that I lost my receipt does not qualify me to poor customer service. It is a race issue, they think because I am Black that I am trying to scam them. I doubt they have such a policy.

Also my brother in law was fired because he was black three women made false claims about him sexually harassing them and he was fired after they investigated. This is not the first time it has happened. He was also fired from Dillards for the same reason because a lady lied and said he was sexually harassing her. Then in college he faced possible expulsion because another another lied and said that he was sexually harassing her. He is facing the same problem at his new place of work Mcdonalds where three other ladies are currently making false accusations against him. The sad thing is most of these women are black and think that when a black person is friendly that they are perverts. The worst is some of these women dress to be sexually harassed, or have the bodies which would attract a man. So I will avoid Mcdonalds, Dillards and Wal-mart because of these liars.


You are ridiculous. Of course they won't take Halloween items back after the holiday.

Otherwise I could buy a ton of Halloween decorations and return them after the holiday.

Use some common sense. There are good reasons why these policies are in place.


Well for a "loyal" customer you are not very knowledgable about their return policy. You cannot return seasonal items.

This is true for any reatailer. Funny how a "loyal" customer would not know this.