Palm Bay, Florida
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We purchased some wine and beer for a company party. We tried to return the unused bottles a couple of weeks later, and was told beer and wine had to be returned within 24 hours!

How obsurd is that! I can take an opened bottle of wine back to ABC weeks later and they will take it back AND offer a full refund. When we asked why their return policy wasn't posted, they could offer no answer. It seems to me like they make these return policies up as they go, just so consumers can't return anything.

They've lost our company's business!

Walmart sucks big time!!!!!

They care nothing about the consumer, just about themselves, and their employess care even less. What a horrible place to work!

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And they suck too!! Hey still got that booze???


you're crying so much that you posted the same story twice..?


You don't use this site much do you maniluvdumbcustomers. I have seen dumber.


Just give it to the drugged up stoned homeless person. They spend their money on that anyway when they beg rather than food.


I've seen dumber...but not many.


That is single handedly the dumbest complaint Ive ever seen. bravo :grin