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I am new to couponing but it has become very important to me to learn how to save money when it comes to shopping so before doing my shopping I decided to go online to various coupon sites including Walmart's own site and print them. After the previous day of shopping from store to store (BJ's, Winn Dixie, Publix and a previous Walmart) I arrived at Walmart Neighborhood Market on S Chickasaw Trl in Orlando FL just to pick up a few extra things.

I get to the register and give the cashier my coupons (who by the way looks new to the store). He has trouble scanning the coupons so he goes to get a manager. Now I should mention I used to work at Walmart and when a coupon wouldn't scan (which was often) I just had to type it in and get it approved. But anyway the manager comes over and says that because my coupons looked "photo copied" she couldn't accept them.

I explained that of course it can look like it was copied, I printed it at home off of a standard printer in black and white. She just repeated three times that it was store policy not to take photocopied coupons. What angered me is all these coupons were accepted everywhere else but this Walmart. How can you claim to be coupon friendly and offer printable coupons on your own site and then reject them at the register.

I had to put some things back because I couldn't afford them. It was so completely embarrassing.


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Coupon policy.

  • coupon ripoff
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If you really worked for them you would have already known about their "ridiculous" coupon, which liar other companies have.


If you really worked at Walmart as a cashier you would know they do not accept printed out coupons, so tell us another lie. I have a feeling you were fired and now only go to make trouble.


You as an ex employee should know that if the coupon is rejected by the computer it is either expired or isn't the correct item. Coupons are item specific just add matching.


I do know that as a former employee. What I also know as a former employee is that it's not always the coupons. That's why we, a lot of times, had to type the coupon in.


So sorry. I use coupons too (I don't shop without them), but they do have the right to refuse any that look suspicious to them. Can you print them in color so they look more authentic?