Update by user Jan 18, 2016

This is the second time I went to print my Savings and the *** thing will not print:-( I have tried on several computers with the same results......all it prints is the header but not the actual coupon with bar code.......I end up having to copy and put into paint or a word document. I guess this is just another way to dissuade people from using the program........if you cant print you cant use your savings. AND yes I have brought this to their attention....over a month ago and still no reply:-(

Update by user Jan 29, 2015

Just wondering - Has anyone ever saved any money from this "Savings Catcher Program" on anything other than food items? Having bought a ton of other stuff (CDs, light bulbs, dog food, paint, pillows, car cleaners, soap, etc, etc) at Walmart.....I'm not even sure this program is set up to do price matches for hardware stores, pet stores, and other mass merchants......that do produce sales flyers on a weekly basis. Be interested to know.

Update by user Nov 07, 2014

Has anyone else noticed that the "Walmart Savings Catcher" web page is slowly morphing into their daily email Ad page; kind of makes you wonder what their motivation was all along for this supposed savings program......

Update by user Oct 18, 2014

Since 17 August to 15 October - my receipts entered into the savings catcher program have totaled: $2,005.47 - Savings caught by this program: $12.56. If you do the math....that is less than 1% (.0062628).

I will let the number speak to the validity of Walmart's Savings Catcher program. I used to be a coupon person, but lost interest due to dropping the Sunday paper......but think that is the better way to go......this supposed comparison program is a scam; and in reading some of the posters comments.....there is flaws in the software as well as a few questionable tactics of product name changing that walmart is doing.

Original review posted by user Aug 26, 2014

Ever played the Walmart Savings Catcher Game.....try it...you will be amazed and amused all at the same time.....you file your receipt on line by TCN.....get a message that they are diligently comparing all merchandise purchased to all competitors (it will take a couple of days) and then (predictably) you get a convenient reply at the end of the time period stating that that no competitor has lower prices........what a freaking joke. Walmart never ceases to amaze me with their scams. BTW - I have purposely bought merchandise that was advertised at a lower price by a competitor in town......just to check the validity of this program.......as I said...its a scam.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: end your phoney program....its a scam.

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to Judy Christensen #1383981

Savings catcher works by finding that individual item cheaper elsewhere. It will also match BOGO deals.

However, it does not match deals where you are required to buy more than one item to receive the sale price. (It lists this under the savings catcher FAQ at the bottom - "Deals that require a case purchase to receive a special price (example: Campbell's soup for $0.50 each when you buy a case of 24 for $12.00)")


I've had good success with savings catcher, ie one receipt for $16 I got $4.03 back. I also just redeemed $18 from savings catcher

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1344003

It says that I have redeemed over 46.00 in savings catcher receipts. I have never been able to redeem any, customer service at the store said that I had to go through the website, and the website only says message failure. There should be a class action suit.

Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania, United States #1251283

CANNOT transfer savings to eCard. Have yet t find a cashier who is remotely familiar to help at checkout. What bull****!

to Anonymous #1383984

If you are having difficulty transferring savings to an eCard, please contact Walmart.com customer service for assistance. Associates in stores are not formally trained on how to use or troubleshoot the savings catcher program and will not be able to offer any assistance.

Loveland, Colorado, United States #1244386

My wife and I stopped using the saver catcher because we had $35 build up and yet every time I went to use it it would say I had zero in my account. When I talk to a manager they had no idea how the savings catcher work so I went to another manager and they had no idea they even had such a thing as Savings Catcher.

I email Walmart three times without any response. I finally called the home office and a girl said I just transferred the money into your account your card should work fine now. We went to use the card and it said there was nothing on your card.

Six months later no one could get this card working or even tell me how it works. Tore it up threw it away too much headaches too much hassle.

to Anonymous #1378365

Mine has been working fine until now. I am going through the exact scenario you describe.

I am on hold with WM as I type this. They are trying to track my money down now.

to Psirhindi #1381399

Did you get any results.....I just lost $70. In the past week

Evanston, Illinois, United States #1235928

They price match on name-brand stuff that has an EXACT match to something advertised elsewhere. They will NOT price match between different brands or sizes.

They won't price match their Walmart store brand to other store brands, because no other store sells that exact product. So if you buy lots of Walmart store-brand stuff, and hardly ever buy name-brand products at Walmart, you probably won't get much back from Savings Catcher.

Missoula, Montana, United States #1226564

In Missoula Mt. You cannot read receipts because they are blurred so we cannot enter it on walmart savings catcher


I've been saving for 2 1/2 years and my total in my savings catcher balance "WAS" $307.32 until a few weeks ago not only did my walmart.com account but also my savings catcher account was hacked and I've tried since then to get through to them and all I keep getting is either so called dis-connected or left on hold for hours. It's total b.s.

and that's them claiming your saving money but I know I'm not the only one who has had this problem.

It was a great incentive until this. I'll go back to Ralphs.

to Anonymous #1257556

I am going good through the same thing now. Call get disconnected or wait for hours and then get disconnected.

Walmart employees at a store no nothing about it.

Call the main office they send you back to the number that disconnects. Walmart sucks at customer service

to Anonymous #1382337

If you are letting it build up for YEARS..then you deserve to be hacked.

Elliston, Virginia, United States #1193596

Yes , it is a scam , waste of time .


Wow. I'm sorry you had that experience.

Glad my experience has been good though. I've gotten $52.22 back over the last 5 months and I've been slacking on entering the receipts.


I saved up about $12 on my savings catcher. I order something online which allowed me to use my 'saved money'.

Went to pick up the items and they wouldn't allow me to take them home stating I wasn't on the account I ordered from. Strange, given that it was my account and my credit card that paid for the remainder. They ultimately refused to give me the items I had already purchased even after I showed them the payment on my statement.

I demanded a refund.

The lady obliged. 3 days later I had the credit card portion refunded. What about the $12 from my "Savings Catcher". Nope.

Called the company. They said I never paid with the "Savings Catcher" and that I used an ONLINE COUPON!

I politely told the lady that her and Walmart can go **** themselves. I'm done.

That was 9 months ago. Refused to shop at any Walmart after that and it is amazing how much stress has left my life when I go shopping elsewhere now.

to Anonymous #1383988

It is site to store policy that all customers must present a valid form of identification, in addition to the email they received stating their order was ready to pick up. If the name on the order does not match your ID, they will not allow you to pick it up.


I have saved a few dollars BUT have you ever read the stores they are checking?? Mine said 13 stores...

HALF WERE DOLLAR STORES Wtf... not the grocery store I am now going to again weekly they acutally have all sales from stores in the area at there store and it states on there signs "comp ad match"OH and you can use any stores coupons there not just theres.


Dude. The e-receipt comes up as a pop up.

Make sure you do NOT have a pop up blocker enabled.

Geeze. How hard is this?

to LadyScot #1108205

Where would we all be with out your brillant mind and sage advice lady skirt.....thanks a million.....geeze

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