Update by user Jan 18, 2016

This is the second time I went to print my Savings and the *** thing will not print:-( I have tried on several computers with the same results......all it prints is the header but not the actual coupon with bar code.......I end up having to copy and put into paint or a word document. I guess this is just another way to dissuade people from using the program........if you cant print you cant use your savings. AND yes I have brought this to their attention....over a month ago and still no reply:-(

Update by user Jan 29, 2015

Just wondering - Has anyone ever saved any money from this "Savings Catcher Program" on anything other than food items? Having bought a ton of other stuff (CDs, light bulbs, dog food, paint, pillows, car cleaners, soap, etc, etc) at Walmart.....I'm not even sure this program is set up to do price matches for hardware stores, pet stores, and other mass merchants......that do produce sales flyers on a weekly basis. Be interested to know.

Update by user Nov 07, 2014

Has anyone else noticed that the "Walmart Savings Catcher" web page is slowly morphing into their daily email Ad page; kind of makes you wonder what their motivation was all along for this supposed savings program......

Update by user Oct 18, 2014

Since 17 August to 15 October - my receipts entered into the savings catcher program have totaled: $2,005.47 - Savings caught by this program: $12.56. If you do the math....that is less than 1% (.0062628).

I will let the number speak to the validity of Walmart's Savings Catcher program. I used to be a coupon person, but lost interest due to dropping the Sunday paper......but think that is the better way to go......this supposed comparison program is a scam; and in reading some of the posters comments.....there is flaws in the software as well as a few questionable tactics of product name changing that walmart is doing.

Original review posted by user Aug 26, 2014

Ever played the Walmart Savings Catcher Game.....try it...you will be amazed and amused all at the same time.....you file your receipt on line by TCN.....get a message that they are diligently comparing all merchandise purchased to all competitors (it will take a couple of days) and then (predictably) you get a convenient reply at the end of the time period stating that that no competitor has lower prices........what a freaking joke. Walmart never ceases to amaze me with their scams. BTW - I have purposely bought merchandise that was advertised at a lower price by a competitor in town......just to check the validity of this program.......as I said...its a scam.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: end your phoney program....its a scam.

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to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #1253154

You are welcome.

to LadyScot Cardington, Ohio, United States #1268845

My Wal Mart accepts receipts but the redeem button disappeared so I can't get my savings. I'm turning my account over to the state's Attorney General. It is a scam.

to Anonymous #1382338

Hopefully you got the reply from your state's attorney general which would have been to mock you incessantly and tell you how badly your parents failed in raising you. But you already knew this.


It's not a scam but the receipts are printed so lightly you can't read the number to enter it in their web site. The app won't scan them either.

If you do get one to go through they spam you with solicitation for product reviews.

I assume this is also a way to track you. Definitely not worth the effort.


What a joke! I have followed the directions and the cashier never can make it work.

I just checked my balance and it said 0! I have not used it since last summer I would like to know who is getting my money


Been using the savings catcher for a while niw. Initially, I did get pretty good return.

Just this week I purchased something at Walmart thinking it would be cheaper. Found out it was not but didn't worry about it sine I "knew" the savings catcher would give back the dfference. Boy was iwrong.

On that 1 purchase I was out $3.99. Needless to say I will keep using the savings catcher, but I won't assume Walmart has the best prices, or that the savings catcher will do its job.


I bought $157.94 items at Walmart last month and got back $9.29 on my savings catcher. Things I got back money on were Lunchables, Digornio (sp?) Pizza, Cheetos, peanut butter and yogurt.

I wished you could post pictures on here so I could show you. So far I have gotten $364.18 since I started using Walmart savings catcher last year around August 2014

to Anonymous #1059549

Boy we must be living in Walmart Heaven......because those are the same things I purchase every week (Literally I thought you stole my shopping list).....and I don't see squat coming back. Nice try Walmart employee.....

to LTCC Naples, Florida, United States #1261819

They have to be on sale in your local stores first, AND be advertised on sale.


It's funny because I saved a little over $100 in savings catcher money last year. Had it doubled by adding it to my Blue Bird card and ended up buying the 55 inch TV on Black Friday for $15 after my Walmart Savings Catcher savings.

You can also use coupons and still save. I have used coupons and got money back on my savings catcher. For example if I buy a can of corn for 75¢ and have a coupon for 50¢ off one can of corn, I buy the can of corn for 25¢. But also if Shoprite advertised that the same can of corn is on sale at 50¢ then I get 25¢ on my Walmart savings catcher.

Also you can get discounts on household item such as soap and maxipads and also pet food. I found a receipt in the parking lot where someone bought $40 worth of dog food, I put it on my saving catcher and go $10 back.


I had money on my account and now it's gone... Has anyone else experienced this? If so how did you get your "walmart money" back?

to Anonymous #1055425

Good luck with getting that money back.......in reading the threads here.......Walmart does not seem to interested in replying or helping.


I have purchased 1805.00 since January of 2015. My total rebate...

15.28... Ru kidding??

Most come back and say no cheaper price found.... Done with this....I call BS..

to Anonymous #1047237

Well congrats .......thats more than i saved through this useless program......just smoke and mirrors......


Savings Catcher is NOT A SCAM, however the amount of stores being matched have been reduced. Walmart will not match stores such as Aldis, Deals and Save-A-Lot. They are no longer matching CVS and Walgreens nor beauty products, you will find greater success doing so at the register, just NO BOGO at the register!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #1041724

I have used the app for about 6 months and regularly get lower prices. Especially on coffee and Greek yogurt. I just collected $16 on my eCard!


Your situation sounds odd to me. I've only been using the walmart price catcher for about 4 months, and have already saved about $100.

I should mention that I am of a small family of 2 so our receipts are not that large. The savings catcher even compares prices to all the dollar stores in the area.

to Anonymous #1039997

Your situation sounds lke a walmart endorsement......we do see occassionally savings but not hardly what u describe......sorry.....its bs......and i would recommend coupons

Jeffersonville, Indiana, United States #1019287

I bought Skinny Pop Popcorn @ Walmart for $2.83; three days later, I purchased the same item @ Kroger for $2.50, which had been selling for this price the previous week. Yet Walmart claimed that they could find no lower price at competitors.

They quoted the Kroger price @ $2.99, which was the price before it went on sale over a week ago. Still trying to iron this out.


I use the saving catcher and have saved $71 since January 1, 2015. I don't coupon at all.

It catches food and other items as well. I live in the Dallas metroplex so we have multiple competitors to compare.

If you live in a smaller metropolis, it may be hard to beat Wal-Mart's prices anyway. Not a scam to me.

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