Lake Oswego, Oregon

I purchased a bike last year with a one-year warranty from Walmart.

In December, the bike started acting funny so I called in to file a claim and get it fixed. I was under the manufacturers warranty still, so I had to call them.

After a month and a half with numerous messages, I never received a call back. My warranty with them was now void and my Walmart one was active. I called them to get it fixed today after my bike finally just stopped.

They refused to fix it because this problem happened a month ago and I was not covered by them at the time! I don't understand how it's my fault if the manufacturer didn't return my calls back! Walmart is the one that gave me their number. Ugh, so aggrivated.

Never buying from Walmart again. Too much of a hassle. Not worth it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Claim.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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Buying a warranty on a $125 bike is like buying a warranty on a $10 knife, yeah you have it, but you are expected to realize that warranties don't cover the consistent *** quality of cheap products. of course Walmart won't fix it, your bike was put together by guys in a stockroom, not bike-techs, they can't fix it. At $125 it was basically totaled out the moment the rubber hit the road.


Your issue is with the manufacturer, not Wal-Mart genius. Warranties are like insurance.

If you switch insurance companies and had an accident right before would you expect the second one to pay if the first one wouldn't? Of course not. They will only pay for things that happen during THEIR coverage.

Wal-Mart is 100% correct on this.

You are a real retard. Thanks for the laughs.