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Ok so last year around christmas time no sorry the day AFTER black friday. We had stayed shopping for baby items and such but lost the coupons or something i can't remember, regardless my mom and i went back the day after black friday to find the baby items for my 1 year old nephew.

So we shopped for about 2-3 1/2 hours and went to check out at the jewelry desk. (they let you do that sometimes i guess) and my mom had found the right add to do a price match on the items. Well the lady says "No ma'm i'm sorry we can't do that, it's after black friday. My mom was surprised as we had both seen numerous commercials AND on their website to match ANY price at ANY time.

So my mom politely asked for the manager, the manager was not there so the assistant manager came to talk to my mom instead. Well they got into a bit of a heated argument nothing to serious just arguing about the advertised walmart policies. And my mom said "fine then i'll just take some pictures of the items so i can go get the price matched somewhere else" while getting her phone out the lady says "Ma'm it's Walmart Policy, you are not allowed to take any pictures". and me and my mom were surprised and what happened next was also a surprise....

My mom says "Ma'm it's a free country and if i want to take a picture of my grandbaby's toys i'm going to buy him, i'm gonna take some pictures" so my mom goes to grab one of the boxes to take a quick picture and the lady starts putting all of the items behind the counter.

And my mom says "Fine i'll just go to the shelf and take the pictures from there". So the lady is like ma'm you cannot take pictures in walmart blah blah blah. So my mom is retaliating and the assistant manager proceeded to try to GRAB my mom's PHONE and grab her wrist in the process. I WAS LIKE WTHECK LADY!!

(i didn't say that but i was thinking it) and my mom was upset to tears and i was really mad. We went to the other walmart a few miles away and got ALL of the prices matched np at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

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1. It's walmarts policy to do add match on all items that are not A) 1 day only events B) BOGO events.

All other adds will be match. 2) It's not Walmart policy that you can't take pictures.

3) A manager would never lay there hands on any customer. Next time when you lie try to make it believable


Well regardless if it is true or not or if he / she just making it up.

1. Some retails store has a policy about taking photos in store ( WHY ) I have no clue, could be the fact of they think you planning on making them lose business or W.E.

etc. . . I honestly see nothing wrong but that just me who wouldn't want to take picture?

You see thing you like and want to show your friends and family you know it won't be there next time you go there unless your LUCKY have you went to a store look around seen something you like and couldn't afford it? so you say 'Well' maybe I get it next time and the next time you go to get the item you want to purchase someone else already bought it and it could be anything like a Quote, Jewelry things like that.

2. No Employee or A Manager / Asst.

Manager has the right to lay a hand on a customer or take there phone away from them that can consider a lawsuit in most cases. They do have the right to ask you to stop taking photo in there store. 'Some will say: how would you like if they came to your house and start taking picture that you didn't want them to take like maybe they decide to take a picture of your cloths being off, or an item you have in your house. I won't discuss more but I believe you guys see my point.

But we all do thing without thinking than after we done it its like oh *** maybe I shouldn't had done that, but its cool no one is perfect.

3. Always ask an Employee or Manager about there Policies (T.O.S.) some retails store do not allow photo being taken, some may allow it if you ask them and let them know why. NOT every WAL-MART has the same policy some has different policy depending on your location and which WAL-MART your going to. So Unless there is extra proof of "It's not Walmart policy that you can't take pictures how could you possibly prove that?

As I said not every Walmart policy are the same. Yes in some policy they are the same but in quote "Each Retails store, Like Walmart, Kroger, Big Lot things like that they have the right to add there own rule so again Believer1232 rather you are being truthful

or just trying to seek attention but you are describing it as your own word so I will say this.

The Asst. Manager and Your mom was both in the wrong and furthermore I don't see why an Manager or any job title of a Manager would be so ignorant enough to lose there job? Your mom was In the wrong for disrespecting the store authority she was politely ask not to take photo that it was there policy she should have respected it and went to another Walmart and find the same item maybe cheaper or maybe a bit higher but sometime if you ask them to match it they might depend what Walmart your in and who the Staff is.

I honestly didn't think about the facts of taking a photo in a retails store than after I took it and no I wasn't ask to stop and I really don't know if it is there policy the Walmart in my location but it easy to do, you see thing you like and you want to take a photo but if you are ask to stop. STOP I should've ask permission and use my brain but we all fall at time and some would say, 1: Confront it 2: Be Truthful 3: Let It Go


FACT: Last month, Wal-Mart placed last among department and discount stores in the American Customer Satisfaction Index, the sixth year in a row the company had either tied or taken the last spot.


the story sounded believable until the part about how the manager grabbed your mother. I'm sure your mom (or maybe you are the mom) tried to get a Black Friday price even though Black Friday was over.

they denied you so you tried to take pictures for some odd reason. if it's a free country, they had every right to kick you out since it's not your property.


V below comment edit V

less than a month since this complaint, not the event.

you may have more trouble now that it is almost a year past the event.

my opinion is that if you plan on taking action, take it soon, before the month is up.

you can always say you had been informed other places, at other stores, by other customers, etc. upon telling them about your incident, that this behavior (on their behalf) was absolutely unwarranted.

because of this, you can probably still take action since (obviously, because you posted this here) you are still quite startled and frustrated over the event.


if they made contact with your mother, THAT IS AGAINST THEIR OWN POLICY. They are NOT allowed to make bodily contact AT ALL.

They will not even be able to assist you if you have fallen and need to be assisted back to your feet. Any physical contact poses a liability to the company. For this same reason, they are also unable to forcibly remove you from the property. If they require, for any reason, to physcially handle you in any way they must either contact the Police and/or EMT to do so.

I would file a complaint with corporate and request for them to retrieve the tapes.

It has been less than a month since the incident, so you can always say that you were made to feel as if you were in a situation where you were unaware of your rights, and that now you are an informed and unhappy constumer who feels as if they have been mistreated, not due to the words spoken, but the action taken.

They have no right, at any time, to try to handle your physical person or your personal items. They cannot even forcibly remove merchandise they know you are stealing from them, only request you to bring them to purchase at a register, or risk police intervention.


Of course they will match competitors ads. Unfortunately the ad you had, had expired and was no longer a valid ad.

As far as your mom taking pictures, she violated a store policy. You are on private property when you shop in a store and must follow their policies. Yes, it's a free country which gives stores the right to set policies. If you don't like their policies, don't shop there.

They would have had every right to remove your mother from the store and given her notice never to return. You and your mom need to learn that responsible citizens need to take responsibility for their actions.


thank you for a decent response, i respect your opinion because you didn't cuss me out. My mom was just upset she had spent an entire evening thinking their commercial to match any price any time and things got kind of heated i think we were more wrong than the assistant manager but the lady did try to grab the phone is that even ok? lol my mom was just pissed and so was the lady, everything kind of got out of hand....


Be that as it may...the manager in question is EXTREMELY LUCKY...if she had grabbed MY mom's wrist it WOULD have BEEN LIGHTS OUT ***!!!! for sure...guaranteed.


You know what... i honestly DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR OPINION.

You wanna know why? Because firstly you called me a ***, a *** dumass, and overall insulted my intelligence. Secondly i did not make that comment and maybe you would know that if you read more closely at what was written. And secondly the chances of an ad from 1959 even *** existing is pretty close to 0 percent.

And yeah maybe i'm a *** but then so is the rest of this country. If a person in the united states can get something at a lower price they will. If you go shoppin for a specific car and two places have the exact same model same specs and everything, and one is $2,000 dollars more than the other, well dam right that person is going to get the cheaper one!! The other walmart said nothing of this "no matching prices for black friday" rule.

They even helped us find the items we were looking for, so why don't you shut up and go troll somewhere else?

I'm tire of arguing with you people and your negative comments, so seriously don't talk anymore. If i could delete this consumer review BELIEVE ME I WOULD!!!!!


YOU DUMBA-SS - Are you saying that if someone brings in a (now defunct) grocery store ad from 1959 advertising hamburg at 5 cents a pound that the store is to match it? Ad match is only for IDENTICAL items purchased DURING the advertised sale time.

if the sale expired yesterday, last week, last year - it's not going to be matched. Deal with it you CHEAPA-SS.

Next - every door at Walmart says that videotaping and photography within the premises is prohibited.

They told you to stop - you refused and gave a response a five year old would give by saying "This is a free country". I guess as long as you say that you are entitled to do whatever you want whenever you want.

And disagree with all the opinions you want - YOU ARE STILL A FU-CKING DUMBA-SS.


ok so your all telling me that we were completely wrong for misunderstanding the match ANY price at ANY time commercials, and the lady reaching for my mothers phone wasn't wrong? idk and the people at the other store had absolutely no problem with giving us the toys for the matched price and they were AMAZED when we told them the story about the lady grabbing my mom at the neighboring walmart.

yeah we could've went a different way about things, but that lady should not have put her hands on my mom.

I didn't believe her when she said we couldn't take pictures inside wal-mart because neither i or my family has ever heard that so i'm sorry if we were skeptical. I'm basically saying i disagree with BOTH of your opinions.


If the things that you wanted price matched were in a specific Black Friday ad, and you went on Saturday, the policy to honor all competitors ads all the time doesn't apply. Black Friday is Black Friday, not the day after.

If you wanted to get something for Black Friday prices, you should have went on Black Friday. Also how many toys did the grand baby need and did they have to be so expensive they needed special prices?


It is illegal to take a picture of the inside of a business without their consent. You are lucky they didn't press charges.


Simon, Your assertion is simply put, wrong. Retail stores, though privately owned, are considered public venues in virtually all U.S.

jurisdictions. As such, photography and videography is completely legal, unless it occurs in an area (e.g. restrooms, changing rooms) in which a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Now, stores can decide to forbid photography and/or videography as a matter of store policy. But, in such a case, they must post their policy clearly and in areas in which it can be seen by the public.