Deatsville, Alabama
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I went shopping 12-20-2014 at the walmart in Athens,Alabama. I did my grocery shopping then i went back to elect tonic so my 10 yr.

Old grandson could get the madden 15 game we ask 2 workers for help & hour later we finally found some one to come get it out of the case for him. Then we went to the toys so he could buy toy guns for him & his little brother. He was so excited about surprising his brother with a gift. He pays for his guns then i check out with almost $300 worth of stuff then the cashier was very friendly then we get ready to go out the door we get greated by a women checking people out the door.

There hasnt been anyone doing that at this walmart for a couple of years, she tells me she dont need to look at my buggy but the turns to my grandson with the 2 plastic guns needing to check him she did ask if he was with me, & i said yes but the way she treated my grandson was uncalled for. I well never be back in a walmart again. I also shop alot at sams club that i well never go back to just because its all walmart.

The people at walmart are rude & i can never get the help i need but i would go because it right here in town but from now on i well be going to Publix, Krogers & KMART. I well tell everyone i know & anyone else that well lesson what i think about walmart

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Napa, California, United States #919243

I have never been treated badly in walmart. If you are unhappy by all means go elsewhere but you will spend a lot more!

to Poly Phenix City, Alabama, United States #919251

I would rather spend more money & get better serves than save a few pennys. U must work for WalMart

to crystalevans #919454

You must be a child to ASSume she works for Walmart. if she really worked for them would she be asking you to shop elsewhere.

I like how children such as yourself ASSume because someone tells the person posting the review that they are wrong that they work for the company. If she really worked for them she would not be telling you to go elsewhere.

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