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I placed my order before 8 am on the morning of Nov. 25, under the impression that it would be available for pickup at Store #5485 the same day, as the roaster oven was listed as in-stock.

I noticed that I did not receive a pickup time as of 5 pm, despite the fact that when I tracked my order, it said the item should be available no later than 11:56 am. I decided to go to Store #5485 and see if the item was on the shelves, which would obviously mean it was in stock. Since I had already paid for the roaster oven, it seemed reasonable to think that if I demonstrated that I had the relevant order number and a photo ID, I could take the item home after a quick verification by Walmart personnel in the store. I did indeed find the Oster roaster and put it in my shopping cart.

When I went to the counter, I was told that although the item was obviously in the store, and at the counter, and my order number was in the system, the floor manager was unable to allow me to have the roaster oven. She showed me that, for whatever reason, although the system showed 14 online orders for pickup that day, she was only seeing two of them on her handheld device. She called over an associate, and they tried to figure out how to have all of the orders show up. After nearly 20 minutes, the associate took my order number, again, and my photo ID, to verify that I had indeed ordered the item in question.

She returned the card to me, and went to a back room to contact by telephone. At one point the floor manager informed me that I had MADE THE ORDER FROM THE STORE, AND THEREFORE IT COULD NOT POSSIBLY BE READY FOR PICKUP by that time. I assured her that I had not made the order in the store; I received a confirmation email at 7:56 am, before the store would even have opened to the public. The associate remained on the line, supposedly trying to resolve the situation.

She was put on hold, and after another 15 minutes, I simply decided to cancel the order. The floor manager said she wasn't sure she could even do that, as is an entirely separate entity that could only be reached by phone. I resolved to handle the situation myself, and left the store. So I am writing today to cancel this order, and to inform you that I never intend to purchase any appliance at a Walmart store again.

This entire episode is entirely unacceptable, at every level: false advertisement of "same day" pickup; a faulty, absurd process that denies the availability of an item that is physically visible and within the direct sight of Walmart personnel; siloing so completely from a store location that employees cannot even get in touch with each other; and having so few people available during the holiday season that each employee at a store is trying to put out two or three fires at once.

It is no wonder that I was unable to conduct such a basic transaction. I will recommend to anybody who will listen that is far, far superior in every way imaginable, and that they should do as much of their Christmas shopping as possible with that company.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $54.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Cons: Misinformed customer service reps, Website siloed from stores.

  • Same-day In-store Pickup
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exactly same experience. Their policy is total farce.


Someone just impersonated me on this last comment. Look, I didn't post at this site to get into a protracted discussion about what constitutes trolling, or to engage in one of the Internet's endless insult-fests. If anyone reading this review is considering Walmart's site-to-store offering, they ought to beware.


It is very easy to claim someone is impersonating you when you make a post you regret, while it is easy it is also childish and immature. You are the one that brought up the issue of trolling in the first place, however I bet you will claim you never posted that accusing other posters of trolling.

No one is impersonating you. You made a post, you regreted it because you posted in anger. Instead of doing the adult thing and admitting to the post and apologize you lie and claim that someone is impersonating you. This is very childish and cowardly of you because you took the easy way out.

While you may claim to to make the post you have no idea of IP tracking and both IP's are tracked to Chicago Ill. Pretty fishy there. I mean come on even if a person were impersonating you what are the chances they are from the same state as you, much less the same city. You were the one that brought up the issue with trolling, funny you cannot finish what you start.

Then you write a nasty comment and claim you were impersonated after you cooled down.

Perhaps this is not the site for you because you lack maturity. Good luck.


If you'll notice, there's an icon before each of the posts that are legitimate -- a picture of the Cinerama Dome in Los Angeles in 1963. As for maturity, you are the one who has consistently chosen to make personal attacks.

But, whatever. Obviously this is how you prefer to use the site, so have at it.


Nope you are the one making personal attacks, accusing people of trolling because you do not like their reply, using profanity then claiming someone impersonated you. I am just pointing out how immature you are behaving. If you cannot accept the fact and admit you are immature perhaps you should go on a site more suitable for ten year old kids such as yourself.


All right. I wasn't going to get into it with you, but I've looked at several of your other comments on this site, and it's an amazing catalogue of every contemptible breach of public decency the Web has to offer: Constant references to people who are "10 years old" because you disagree with their complaints; bigoted remarks about blacks; accusing people of lying when you have no proof to the contrary.

I encourage anyone reading this to go take a look at the ravings of KevinRichards, and see how often these themes come up. To be a troll is to make a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them. And that's your specialty, on this site, and probably anywhere else you exist online. I see that you're the leading commenter on the site, and what a shame that is.

It means that there's that much less possibility of intelligent discourse about consumer issues. And you go ahead, and stand by your assertion that I posted that profane rant under my screen name. See if it matches up in tone, vocabulary or otherwise with anything else posted on this page under that name.

But then, you know it doesn't; your point is to stir up trouble. I hope you try acting this way offline, because someone will make you very sorry indeed.


I am calling you ten years old because that is the age you act. Someone disagrees with you you accuse them of trolling.

Then you post a rude reply with profanity, instead of admitting to it you claim someone is impersonating you. Funny how the person who is "impersonating" you lives in your same city and state.

I am not trolling, here we go again accusing someone of trolling when you disagree with the person. You know you made that post.


All you have to do is go to the comment page under my username. You'll see every post I actually made, each of which has an icon showing the Cinerama Dome. It's the same thing I did to see all of your venomous and frequently bigoted comments on this site.


It is not trolling kiddo get that through your thick skull. They are just giving you a suggestion, and you are saying they are trolling because they don`t like your suggestion.

You sound like a young child. Does mommy even know that you posted this. Perhaps this site is not for you, you are obviously not mature enough to take feedback that is negative. Perhaps going on a site for your age group, like neopets or disney would be more for you.

Someone disagreeing with you is NOT trolling. You are obviously immature.

If you think someone is `trolling`because they don`t agree with you, then you have a lot of growing up to do.


Being you are writing to cancel the order, you should be doing it on the WalMart web site. You could have saved yourself a lot of problems if you had just plain went to the store to purchase it outright.

If you can see that you can order it online and pick it up at the store on the same day, you know it is in stock, therefore you could have went to the store immediately and purchased it outright. That being said, I have never had any problems when I have ordered something to pick up at the store to pick up the same day, however you do have to wait to be notified that it is ready to be picked up. I also have never had any trouble with site to store.

Some people are just too impatient and then blame their problems on the merchant.


I did cancel the order on the Walmart web site. And yes, obviously if I had it to do over again, I would've just bought the item outright.

I thought I could save some time waiting in line if I did site to store.

I'm describing the experience I actually had, not the one I might have had in hindsight.

Since you have never had a problem with site to store, you really don't have any idea what I went through, do you? Why someone would choose to troll at a site called with the comment that someone shouldn't be complaining is beyond me, but whatever floats your boat.


You must be ten years old to ASSume this person is trolling. Posting something you don't want to read is not trolling. You don't like someone's replies then fine, however posting something you do not want to read is not the same as trolling.


It was trolling. I spelled out a legitimate complaint, about a service Walmart advertises but clearly fails to provide.

It offers no remedy to people who have spent money on said service. I posted this complaint on a site that supposedly concerns itself with consumer complaints about Walmart, and someone proceeds to tell me that I shouldn't be carping because I shouldn't have bothered with the service I used. Who, knowing that they would have a bad experience at a store, would choose to go there?

I was trying to conduct a basic transaction I should've had every reason to think would be fine, and ran into a bunch of grief. I thought I'd warn a few people about it.